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Depend- ing on the destination of the generated stream transport stream or pure bitstreamthe NAL units are preceded or not by a start prefix. Like MPEG-1 and 2, it is Bestcom USB ST Chipset V90 hybrid of inter frame compression, which exploits the temporal statistical dependencies between successive pic- tures and intra frame compression, which exploits the spatial dependencies by means of a coding method based on a trans- form of the prediction residual. In the mixed mode, prediction is made from macroblocks Bestcom USB ST Chipset V90 to two frames. The last extensions to the H. The very important efficiency improvement of H.

This result Bestcom USB ST Chipset V90 been obtained by the combined use of the following: The profiles define the complexity of the cho- sen set of coding tools. The high profile is a relatively late addition to the standard, which had only three originally.

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It is an extension of the main profile, of which it increases the efficiency by means of the Fidelity Range Extensions FRExt. The high profile is made of four subprofiles, of which only the first one is shown in this table since it is the only one intended for consumer broadcast applications.

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Regarding levels, they correspond to the resolution of the picture and scale 1 Table 3. The consumer High Definition i or p corresponds to the levels 4 and 4. Table 3. For a long time, it has been known that the human ear has a max- imum sensitivity for audio frequencies ranging from 1 to 5 Bestcom USB ST Chipset V90. More recently, however, it has been suggested that this curve is modified in the presence of multiple signals; for instance, in the case of two signals of relatively near frequencies, the strongest signal has the effect of increasing the perception threshold in the vicinity of its frequency, which makes the ear less sensitive in this frequency region.

This effect is illustrated in Figure 3. This effect is known as frequency masking. There is also Bestcom USB ST Chipset V90 effect called temporal masking: In order to quantify these effects as precisely as possible, a lot of experiments have been conducted which have led to the definition of a psychoacoustic model of human hearing.

The principle of the coding process consists of first dividing the audio frequency band into 32 sub-bands of equal width by means of a polyphase filter bank. The output signal from a sub-band filter corresponding to a duration of 32 PCM samples is called a sub-band sample. The principle of perceptual coding is illustrated in Figure 3.


Bestcom USB ST Chipset V90 this way, frequency regions where the ear is more sensitive can be quantified with more accuracy than other regions. In this interval, the encoder has to evaluate the maximum amplitude of the signal in order to define a scaling factor, which is coded on 6 bits, covering a dynamic range of dB in 64 steps of 2 dB. The main advantage of layer I is the relative simplicity of the encoder and decoder. The psychoacoustical model used is known as model 1.

Bestcom USB ST Chipset V90 Quantiza- tion accuracy of the sub-band coefficients is defined for the whole duration of the frame by a 4-bit number which allows a coding from 0 to 15 bits for each sub-band, and the 6-bit scaling factor is also defined for the whole frame. The psychoacoustical model used is the same as for layer I model 1but the frame duration is three times longer. In addition, two or three consecutive sub-band samples can be grouped and coded with the same coefficient. This is the now-famous MP3 format, which is a devel- opment using a different psychoacoustical model model 2a Huffmann coding, and a DCT based signal analysis instead of the sub-band coding used in layers I and II. Layer III is mainly intended for unidirectional applications on low bit-rate media ISDN for instanceand its use is not foreseen for consumer digital TV broadcasting, so we will not discuss it further.

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Four main audio modes are possible: It is made up of four main parts: As the number of samples is independent of the sam- pling frequency, the frame duration is inversely proportional to the sampling frequency. This duration is 12 ms at 32 kHz, 8. The duration is thus three times the duration of the layer Bestcom USB ST Chipset V90 frame i. The audio part of the layer II frame differs from that of layer I, and its bit allocation is more complex due to the numerous coding options.

The inclusion of these additional formats is a direct result of the failure of MPEG-2 audio with multi- channel extensions to meet its expected success, even in Europe. AC-3 see Fig.

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AC-3 and DTS decoders are generally Bestcom USB ST Chipset V90 included in the receivers in order not to have to pay twice the license costs of these systems these decoders being integrated in most recent home theater amplifiers. See Figure 3. It offers the advantage over MPEG-2 multichannel of having been used in movie theaters for many years, and more Bestcom USB ST Chipset V90 having been adopted as the de facto standard for DVD-Video. Dolby Digital supports sampling frequencies of 32, Its frame format can schematically be represented as follows: Sync CRC1 Sy.

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The payload is made of six audio blocks of samples each, or audio samples per frame. Download Bestcom USB ST Chipset V90 driver for Modems, different software versions available here.

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