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Last modified Dec The Aopen SiS 6326 is not always to the swiftest, in the video card market. Most of the world's computers don't need to be able to run ludicrous resolutions, or play Quake 3 at 85 frames per second, or run 3D glasses. Many of the world's computers don't even need to be particularly upgradeable. Most of the world's SiS chips sit on all-in-one motherboards - boards with Aopen SiS 6326 and sound and maybe even networking all built in. These boards make decent cheap Windows business boxes, but they're notoriously difficult to upgrade and hard to make work with OSes like Linux that their driver teams don't seem to care about.

This makes it expensive, as cards go, but there's a reason. The playback software will work fine on pretty much any PC with a current processor. Any Celeron or faster machine is more than up to the task, for instance, though PowerDVD reportedly has some Slower Pentium-class processors are fine, too, as long as you don't want to do anything much else while you play a movie.


What you get Talk about no frills. Cardboard box. Video card in antistatic bag.

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Driver CD. That's it.

There's no paper manual, and there's no digital manual either; the CD has software on it, but no docs. If you've installed a video card before then getting the PA50 running will be no big deal, but novices may Aopen SiS 6326 mystified. Most video cards with TV out include cables, but this one doesn't. The accompanying driver CD is one of those all-in-one jobbies with drivers on it for several different cards. Linux support It's tricky to find budget video cards that work with Linux, but the SiS is a reasonable candidate. Xfree86 3. There are some significant caveats attached to the Xfree86 support, though; see here for the details.

Performance For regular desktop applications, the PA50V's 8Mb of RAM gives it the ability to run up to by resolution in 24 bit colour at a perfectly acceptable 75Hz refresh rate. For plain business stuff, it's therefore quite adequate. And it works for DVD. Unlike many cards with a TV out, the PA50 can display an image on the computer monitor and on whatever you've connected to its TV out at the same time.

Drivers - Video Cards - SiS - Download

The trade-off is that in order to use the TV out, Aopen SiS 6326 have to be in by or by mode. Other modes still work normally - with Aopen SiS 6326 image on the TV - but the two lower resolutions are in flickervision, for TV compatibility. If you disconnect the video output, the PA50 driver seems to re-allow higher refresh rates for the lower resolution modes, but doesn't seem to know that it's doing it - the possible refresh rates in Display Properties still only say 50 or 60Hz. To straighten this out, reboot.


The simplicity of DVD playback depends on the software you choose; software DVD players commonly need to "profile" different resolutions and colour depths before they can play back properly, which can be confusing, and some old low-budget software players have a hard time doing a proper full-screen mode; having a window border around your movies is less than thrilling. With current software, though, it's pretty simple to set up, and the playback quality is excellent. The down side What if you want to play games, though" and lists the usual collection of hardware accelerated features you'll find on any 3D-capable card these days.

What it fails to mention is that the PA50 can't do any of these things very quickly. If the same guys that make video card box copy also advertised cars, three cylinder cc Daihatsu things would, at a glance, have the same feature list as Porsches. I gave the SiS card a workout with my favourite quick and Aopen SiS 6326 video benchmarker, WinTune Running benchmarks on this card was something of a blast from the past.


I remember Aopen SiS 6326 benchmarks used to look like this - when 2D drawing tests were fast, but you could see discrete shapes and lines and letters being drawn, instead of everything just being a screaming amphetamine-laced blur. That's the hot board's results. Now visualise a housebrick standing next to each stone. There you go.

AOpen PT80 - graphics card - SiS 6326 - 4 MB Specs

I'm prone to saying Aopen SiS 6326 every card on the shelves these days has more than adequate 2D speed, and you can't tell the difference. Well, this is the card that proves me wrong; I could tell the difference between this card and one of the much faster ones in normal Windows operations.

But only now and then; when dragging out a crop box in Photoshop, for instance, the SiS is quite sluggish as it struggles to draw all of those "ants" crawling around the edge of the selection area. It's still not horrible to use, but the difference is marked. In the Simple test, for which a plain TNT2 card can be expected to score better than 7 Aopen SiS 6326 per Aopen SiS 6326, and a GeForce board for which TreeMark was created, and towards which its demands are slanted about 45fps, the SiS card clocked in with a big 0. Life's too short for me to try the Complex TreeMark test.

SiS - Wikipedia

The SiS driver does not actually have a full OpenGL implementation which is part of the explanation for its horrendous TreeMark resultsso you can forget playing Quake 2 or 3 right now. I gave Unreal Tournament a quick spin; the SiS Direct3D implementation doesn't seem to want to play it in full-screen mode. AOpen PA50V - graphics card - SiS - 8 MB overview Aopen SiS 6326 full product specs on CNET. AOpen PT80 - graphics card - SiS - 4 MB overview and full product specs on CNET.

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