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Now let's open the case The model is tightly stuffed with various components, Shuttle SN41G2 (FN41 V1) the Prodigy's model. But you can face problems only with the board since it might be necessary to remove only one element of the design to access other components.

Debian HCL - Shuttle

The drives' rack is to be taken out, and then you have to spend certain time connecting the IDE cable and power cables. There is a riser card Shuttle SN41G2 (FN41 V1) one slot onboard to make possible to use two PCI extension cards you can see on the photo the PCTel based soft-modem installed into the first slot. When we removed the riser card mount and the drive's rack we saw that the power supply unit and a big fan 80mm, mounted on the front panel, this is the only cooler theretake the most space there.

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The processor's socket and its cooler are located in the opposite corner from the power supply unit. The cooler is made of aluminum with straight fins.


Thanks to the Q-Fan technology, the cooler's frequency dynamically changes depending on the CPU's temperature, and the system works absolutely noiselessly when it stands idle besides, rpm of the high-quality fan of a adequate diameter are not heard even under the load. On the other hand, there is its chip-companion SiS for the TV-out and digital DVI interface for connecting LCD Shuttle SN41G2 (FN41 V1) or the like this is an addition to the standard analog-out to monitor.

Besides, it's possible to attach to the front panel Shuttle SN41G2 (FN41 V1) optical Bluetooth module to extend the functionality even more. On the other hand, the BIOS settings look scarce, especially when compared with the usual desktop boards: MHz in 1MHz slots.

In closing, have a look at the brief characteristics of this barebone system. The aluminum case is of the typical cubic shape, measuring Shuttle SN41G2 (FN41 V1) mm with a transparent plastic cover and 4 decorative bolts in front, vent holes in front and on the sides. The XP4 has a simple but austere style.

The front panel doesn't offer much: However, the power button is supplemented with the reset one. An external bay is only one - for 5" devices you can try to install there a 3" one as well. Unfortunately, if you remove the bracket, Shuttle SN41G2 (FN41 V1) colors of the front cover and the device won't match.

The connectors behind are standard: The power supply unit has a relatively big fan for SFF computers and a a power supply switch, one more smaller fan and an Shuttle SN41G2 (FN41 V1) card slot I meaningly omit its format here. There is some difference from the XPC models: Also, a big fan a part of the CPU's I. It's interesting that there are no any removable parts there - the design is excellently thought out.

SHUTTLE FN41 (SN41G2) Bios 1.25

The only I'd like to see there is two 3" bays instead of one the board has two IDE connectors anyway, for 4 devices ; it will also be possible then to separate the hard drive or rather its hot cover from the bottom of the optical drive, though it's necessary to have an additional power Shuttle SN41G2 (FN41 V1) connector for the second hard drive. That is why you can choose a barebone you find more suitable. You can choose and install a cooler on the processor yourselves; we've received the system with the Evercool's one. And we decided to use this cooler in the tests, especially because the board was equipped with Pentium 4 2.

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The cooler's characteristics are not impressive: According to the documentation, both rear fans in the XP4 adjust their rotations depending on the temperature inside the case. We couldn't find Shuttle SN41G2 (FN41 V1) how we could set the threshold for the fans to start up, but when the system booted up both fans started rotating without changing the speed afterwards.


Mainboard FN41 only available in conjunction with XPC SN41G2. Chipset: NVidia nForce2 (Crush 18G) Northbridge: IGP (Integrated graphics processor). Shuttle - Shuttle * Products * XPC * SN41G2/V2 * Download * SN41G2 v1.x. (1 MB) · Bios-Update FN41S (XPC SN41G2, Mainboard FN41) for WINFLASH.

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