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MultiSync, Philips 19B2502H Monitor registered trademark of NEC, provides a similar function. The BNC connection can provide the optimum shielding and matching characteristic impedance of video signal path to ensure the best video performance.

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Color temperature A Philips 19B2502H Monitor of describing the color of a radiating source in terms of the temperature in degrees Kelvin of a black body radiating with the same dominant frequency as the source. Most Philips monitors offer Philips 19B2502H Monitor possibility of setting the color temperature to any desired value. Contrast The ratio between the brightness of the brightest and darkest parts of a picture. Contrast is therefore reduced in conditions of high ambient light levels.

Black Matrix tubes reflect Philips 19B2502H Monitor ambient light so exhibit higher contrast than other tubes. Convergence error Bean misalignment causing one or more of the three beams passing through the wrong aperture in the shadow mask and striking a phosphor dot in the wrong triad. Convergence error is expressed in mm often at three well-defined points on the screen, designated A, B and C see figure.

Also known as misconvergence. Points where convergence error is specified. Convergence-error correction A method of correcting for convergence error to insure that all three beams land simultaneously in the same triad.

This is usually accomplished by means of special convergence-error correction coils in the deflection yoke. A special form of the cathode-ray tube is the TV and monitor picture tube. The DDC feature allows the monitor controller to be automatically configured to make optimal use of the display without manual user interaction. Degaussing The procedure of demagnetizing the shadow mask and associated metal parts of a picture tube at switch-on to minimize picture distortion. This is usually accomplished by means of a special degaussing coil through which Philips 19B2502H Monitor decaying alternating current is passed to generate an alternating magnetic field that gradually decays to demagnetize the tube.


Some monitors offer a manual degaussing facility that can be activated at any time. Digital control Microprocessor-based digital control of picture parameters and video modes for complete control of picture settings and modes and instant recall of all settings at the push of a button. This is a very advanced feature that allows Philips 19B2502H Monitor user to switch to any required mode at any instant without having to spend time readjusting the picture.

It is currently available in most Philips monitors. Dot pitch The shortest distance between two phosphor dots of the same color on the screen. The smaller the dot pitch, the better the resolution of the monitor. It is a measure of the speed with which Philips 19B2502H Monitor is transferred between the video card and subsequent processing circuitry.


Also known as video dot rate. It set maximum levels of electromagnetic radiation emitted by monitors, and has now been adopted as a world standard.

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MPR-II defines maximum permitted electrostatic, magnetic and electric field levels measured at a distance of 50 cm from the center of the monitor see table. The TCO standard is more severe since not only are the permitted field Philips 19B2502H Monitor reduced compared with MPR-II, but the measuring distance is also reduced see table. Frame flicker is noticeable with GUI and DTP software which have a light backgroundand can be very disturbing, especially for those who work regularly with displays - contributing to eye strain, headaches, visual blurring, stress, etc. Sensitivity to flicker appears to diminish with increasing age.


Horizontal dot pitch See Dot pitch. Horizontal scanning frequency Also called line frequency and expressed in kHz, it is the number of video lines written on the screen every second from Philips 19B2502H Monitor to right. Philips Business B - CRT monitor - 19" overview and full product specs on CNET. Philips respects your data privacy. Why cookies? Simply because they are used to help the website function, to improve your browser experience, to integrate.

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