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We do our best to fulfill every request, but some parts are unavailable. Your patience and understanding is appreciated. Our Process Preparation Once you accept your quote and confirm your order, Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS prepare by retrieving related parts and components from our inventory. Anything we do not currently have in stock is sourced. Receiving Upon receipt, all parts are visually inspected for damage and then photographed to document their condition.

Parts acquired from vendors must meet our quality standards. Therefore it is not necessary to use software polling on the inputs Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS detect a change of state condition.

The change-of-state interrupt is enabled by a software write command to an interrupt-enable register. Once latched, the change-of-state interrupt can be cleared by a software write. The C3 bit on either bit port can be used as an external interrupt to the computer if interrupt enable IEN jumpers are installed. When C3 is level triggered, an interrupt is requested. Each counter can be programmed to any count as low as 1 or 2, and up to 65, depending on the mode chosen. Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS

Acces I/O PCI Express 48-Ch Digital I/O; COS, Jack Screws

For those interested in more detailed information, a full description can be found in the Intel or equivalent manufacturer's data sheet. Operational Modes The modes of operation are described in the following Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS to familiarize you with the versatility and power of this device.

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For those interested in more detailed information, a full description of the programmable interval timer can be found in the Intel or equivalent manufacturers' data sheets. The following conventions apply for use in describing operation of the Counter Loading: A positive pulse into the counter's clock input A rising edge input to the counter's gate input Programming a binary count into the counter Mode 0: Pulse on Terminal Count After the counter is loaded, the output is set low and will remain low until the counter decrements to zero. The output then goes high and remains high until a new count is loaded into the counter. A trigger enables the counter to start decrementing. Mode 1: Retriggerable Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS The output goes low on the clock pulse following a trigger to begin the one-shot pulse and goes high when the counter reaches zero.

Additional triggers result in reloading the count and starting the cycle over.

If a trigger occurs before the counter decrements to zero, a new count is loaded. This forms a retriggerable one-shot. In Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS 1, a low output pulse is provided with a period equal to the counter countdown time. Mode 2: Rate Generator This mode provides a divide-by-N capability where N is the count loaded into the counter. When triggered, the counter output goes low for one clock period after N counts, reloads the initial count, and the cycle starts Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS. This mode is periodic, the same sequence is repeated indefinitely until the gate input is brought low.

Acces PCI-DIO Series 24 and 48 Digital I/O Cards

This mode also works well as an alternative to mode 0 for event counting. Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS 3: Square Wave Generator This mode operates like mode 2.

The output is high for half of the count and low for the other half. If Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS count is even, then the output is a symmetrical square wave.

Periodic triggering or frequency synthesis are two possible applications for this mode. Note that in this mode, to achieve the square wave, the counter decrements by two for the total loaded count, then reloads and decrements by two for the second part of the wave form. Mode 4: Software Triggered Strobe This mode sets the output high and, when the count is loaded, the counter begins to count down. When the Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS reaches zero, the output will go low for one input period.

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The counter must be reloaded to repeat the cycle. A low gate input will inhibit the counter. Mode 5: Hardware Triggered Strobe In this mode, the counter will start counting after Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS rising edge of the trigger input and will go low for one clock period when the terminal count is reached. The counter is retriggerable. PCI-DIO Series 24 and 48 Digital Input/Output Cards The 48JP/48JPS cards use a pin SCSI-type connector which is pin-in-socket, and has jack-screws. Acces PCI-DIO-48JPS PCI-DIOJP/JPS. 2. Notice. The information in this document is provided for reference only.

ACCES does not assume any liability arising out of the.

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