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Ordering Information These Acces PCI-ICM-4224 can be installed in any 5-volt PCI-bus computer that can accommodate "long" cards and are designed to provide effective communication on long communication lines in noisy environments. The data lines are opto-isolated from the computer and from each other to assure communication even when large common mode noise and voltages are superimposed.


Type UARTs are used. All Acces PCI-ICM-4224 are independently addressable and an on-board crystal-controlled oscillator permits precise selection of baud rates up tobaud or, by changing a jumper, up tobaud. The standard configuration also includes inch long mm breakout cables for two and four port connections. EIA models support half-duplex communications with a two-wire cable connection. Also, in EIA communications under Windows programs, the driver must be enabled and disabled as needed to allow multiple communication ports to share the same two-wire cable.

Under this automatic control, the driver is enabled when data are ready to be transmitted and then, when transmission is complete, the driver remains enabled for one additional character's transmission time and then is disabled. Correspondingly, the receiver is Acces PCI-ICM-4224 enabled except during transmission time and then re-enabled when transmission is complete. A transmission line should be terminated in its characteristic impedance at the receiving end. Jumpers are provided for each port to select termination impedances on the lines. DOS 1.

Type GLQR? JJ- to run the install program.

CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_PCI: 8250/16550 PCI device support

Follow the on-screen prompts to install the software for this board. The system should automatically run the install program. JJ, click OK or press. LINUX 1. Please refer Acces PCI-ICM-4224 linux.

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COM boards can be installed in Acces PCI-ICM-4224 any operating system. We do support installation in earlier versions of Windows, and are very likely to support future versions as well.

Please follow all reasonable precautions to prevent a static discharge such as grounding yourself by touching any grounded surface prior to touching the card. Do Acces PCI-ICM-4224 install card into the computer until the software has been fully installed. Remove the computer cover. Carefully install the card in an available 5V or 3. Inspect for proper fit of the card and tighten screws. Make sure that the card mounting bracket is properly screwed into place and that there is a positive chassis ground. Replace the computer cover and turn ON the computer. Save the option and continue booting the system.

Most computers should auto-detect the card depending on the operating system and automatically finish installing the drivers.

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Run PCIfind. Run one of the provided sample programs that was copied to the newly created card directory from the CD to test and validate your installation. The base address assigned by BIOS or the operating system can change each time new hardware is installed into or removed from the computer. Software Acces PCI-ICM-4224 write can automatically determine the base address of the card using a variety of methods depending on the operating system. SYS during boot-up to determine this same information.


If desired, the cards can be purchased without this breakout cable. In Acces PCI-ICM-4224 latter case, an "S1" is added to the model number to signify absence of the breakout cable. Option Selection To help you locate the jumpers described in this section, refer to the Option Acces PCI-ICM-4224 Map at the end of this chapter. Operation is determined by jumper installation as described in the following paragraphs. Simplified Termination Schematic Terminations A transmission line should be terminated at the receiving end in its characteristic impedance.

In operations where there are multiple terminals, only the ports at each end of the network should have terminating impedance as described above. Baud Rate Ranges For each of the ports, jumpers labeled X1 and Acces PCI-ICM-4224 provide means to select baud rates in either of two ranges. When in the "X1" position, the baud rate range is up tobaud. PCI-ICM/4, Call. PCI-ICM/ ACCES has designed the PCI Express replacement for this discontinued product. Just a click away to the PCIe-ICM Family! Official Acces I/O Products, Inc.

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