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Each one has two coax connections and one Ethernet.

Netgear MoCA Coax-Ethernet adapter review

The coax acts as a pass through so you can continue to use the coax cable for its initial purpose -- you know cable TV or an ATSC antenna not compatible with satellite. With these you can add a NETGEAR MCA1001v2 Adapter connection anywhere in your house you have a coax cable running.


So you grab a pair of these and plug one in to the coax running to your cable modem in your office, and you put the other one behind your TV NETGEAR MCA1001v2 Adapter with the cable running to your TV. Plug the one in the office into your switch and the one behind the TV into your Blu-ray player -- sadly it only has one port so your Xbox and PS3 can't play without an additional switch -- and now you have Mbps of throughput, which is more than enough to stream any HD movie you've got with bandwidth to spare. We would've loved to have tested this out ourselves, but the Ethernet ports on them are only Mbps.

The good news is that in most cases we were able to get the full Mbps through a pair of these, but not in every case. The exception is when there are splitters in the middle. Most houses have simple three of four way splitters near the source, but we were able to NETGEAR MCA1001v2 Adapter someone with a 16 port splitter, and things didn't go as well.


The good news is that we were still NETGEAR MCA1001v2 Adapter to move 30Mbps across the wire, which is more than enough to stream HD. You plug them in and they just work.


There NETGEAR MCA1001v2 Adapter lights on the front that make it easy to tell if the devices can find each other. As far as your network is concerned they are completely transparent.

Now if nothing will be communicating over ethernet then it does not matter as that is still faster then wireless. I asked about large file transfers because that is about the only thing that can utilize your max network speeds. If you where to utilize the ethernet cables you would have to go to where they merge and put your router or a switch there, it is really simple to hook stuff up even if it seems overwhelming. I would still just try to put the modem in the other room before i buy anything. Now are you wanting to move your wireless router for better wireless coverage, or some other convenience?? If it is for wifi coverage, depending on the size of the home you might just want to get a second wireless router and we can help you configure it to NETGEAR MCA1001v2 Adapter an access point so it will all be one big network.

NETGEAR Moca Coax-ethernet Adapter Mca1001 V2

The reason ethernet over COAX is better than powerline adapters is that powerline adapters have to deal with much more interference and junctions than does COAX. If you have Direct TV you are in luck, price NETGEAR MCA1001v2 Adapter.

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For clarification, does this adapter simply plug into the coaxial port on my wall and then enable me to plug an ethernet device NETGEAR MCA1001v2 Adapter it? Yes, but make sure you plan out your setup logically.

MoCA Coax-Ethernet Adapter

What I mean is this. If you want to move your wireless router away from NETGEAR MCA1001v2 Adapter cable modem, you would NETGEAR MCA1001v2 Adapter out of the modem using an ethernet cable, plug it into one of these adapters and then into the COAX. Then in the room you move your router to you would come out COAX to another one of these adapters and come out of the adapter ethernet to your router. This would allow you to move your router, but now you have used your COAX lines to extend the modem to router so you can not now use the same lines to extend from your router to your ethernet devices. MoCA Coax-Ethernet Adapter.

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Model / Version: MCA v2. Select a different version. MCA v1.

Downloads Documentation. New Model Search. Under ideal conditions, MCAv2 adapters have a data rate of up to Mbps. The effective data rate is somewhat lower. Consequently, a Mbps network.

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