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Witness Auto Dash Cam and Accessory LTD (LUKAS DASH CAM) The Sole Distributor in BC

Clean the windshield area where the device will be installed. Then, attach front camera to the windshield glass around the rear view mirror. Do the same with the rear camera onto the rear windshield. After connecting power cable to the front camera, run the power cable along the windshield headliner all the way to the driver side A-pillar trim. Do not insert the microsd card into the SD card slot using the microsd card adaptor. It may cause malfunction or be damaged. After installation, turn on the engine first followed by switching on the power button acc or ON of the device. Check if the device turns on and works properly by examining the LCD screen. The device is rebooted when the LUKAS R935 Duo Dash Cam camera connection cable gets plugged or unplugged in the main body.

Dash cam does not work properly when the rear camera connection cable gets plugged or unplugged in the rear camera. Otherwise, damage may be done to the device. How to Hardwire Continuous Power Cable 1 Before you open or work on a 2 fuse box, be sure that your vehicle s ignition LUKAS R935 Duo Dash Cam turned off. Then, locate the fuse box and the chart that shows you what each fuse is for. Choose where to wire the continuous power cord and the ACC wire. Use fuse tongs to easily insert and remove individual fuses.

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Identify a fuse that has no power e. Location of ACC power supply may differ depending on the vehicle. Please connect the ACC wire to the output terminal.

If wired the other way around, there is a risk of fire. Connect the black GND terminal to a grounding LUKAS R935 Duo Dash Cam e. If the lens are facing too low, it may not record traffic lights. On the contrary, lens facing high up may darken video footage.


Memory Card Usage - Video is recorded at 3-minute interval for continuous recording, second interval for motion and event recording. SD card usage time No. The total usage time above is an approximation. There may be some variation with actual recording time and the number of files stored depending on the user's environment. Basic Operation Guide 1. How to start and stop recording You can easily set 'power safety function' by manipulating power switches on the device. When booting proceeds after power is supplied, Qvia logo will be shown on LCD screen. After the device has successfully started, it will start recording after voice LUKAS R935 Duo Dash Cam Drive safely.

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Continuous recordings will be saved in the AlwaysMovie folder of the SD card. If there is no microsd card inserted, video from event recordings will not be saved. Only videos from continuous recording will be saved onto the LUKAS R935 Duo Dash Cam card. Video Playback - Check real-time video: When you touch real-time video button on main menu, you can check video being recorded. Recording during driving - Continuous recording: Emergency recording cannot operate during event recording and vise versa.

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Event triggered Event triggered Event triggered microsd Card: Note that recording and the device itself will be turned off if the vehicles battery drops below the voltage level set by the user. The device can be programed with a set time to activate the auto-conversion to parking mode function. When the device converts to parking mode, a voice guide Switched to parking mode is announced.

When playing back the recorded videos in parking mode, it will say "Motion" on the bottom of LCD screen. When converting from continuous, event, or manual recording mode to parking mode, any recording under progress regardless of its mode will be stopped and converted LUKAS R935 Duo Dash Cam parking mode. For this reason, video loss can occur. Files will be saved in the Motion Movie folder. For efficient memory management only the camera either front or rear that detects the motion will be activated.

You can set the motion detection function on the Qvia Viewer: Motion detection may fail when the surrounding of the vehicle is too dark. Recording time during parking mode may vary depending on the vehicles battery LUKAS R935 Duo Dash Cam. This beautiful Qvia R Duo is a compact but LUKAS R935 Duo Dash Cam powerful new Qvia model with the latest features and the best video quality. The R Duo is fitted with a. Qvia R Duo 16gb. - p + p - SONY Exmor R sensor - gb capacity - ˚ + ˚ lens - 30 + 30 fps - Multi language voice guidance - " HD.

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