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Acer Aspire One h Used to be, people were content with a While that seems like the sweet-spot screen size for a portable PC whether netbook or ultraportablesome design missteps with this model lead Acer astray. The AOh isn't just about its "big" screen. It has large, beefy buttons; a rugged though not ruggedized plastic shell; and good battery life. It all comes in a sassy chassis that's small and sturdy enough to make a great go-to machine when you're on the Gateway DX4200 Hauppauge TV Tuner. Well, let's start with the screen.


With brightness jacked up--and me looking at the screen dead-on--the AOh showed good color reproduction. I spied rich reds and deep blues, and the blacks didn't turn a painfully ashy gray.

Gander at the screen slightly off-angle, though, and you're staring into a dim, murky mess with some annoying glare coming off the glossy screen. That's not the only problem. Out of the box, this is no HD marvel. You'll press your luck to hit p resolution with the underpowered Atom processor and integrated GPU on board. If you beef up the RAM and ditch the preinstalled bloatware, sure, you'll get a reasonable speed boost. But the p video installed on the hard drive had an occasional frame stutter. That said, you'll be able to watch standard-definition YouTube and Hulu video. The AOh packs a 1. That CPU is underpowered--even by Atom standards--so don't expect blazing-fast performance. It is a hair worse in overall performance than Dell's Mini As for endurance, the six-cell battery delivers: In the PC World Test Center's battery tests, it lasted 8 hours, 13 minutes--not shabby considering it supported the AOh's aforementioned While unable to unseat the Toshiba NB's top-rung hour battery life, the AOh is certainly good Gateway DX4200 Hauppauge TV Tuner to last you through the average day or extra-long flight.

Beyond that big, bright screen, the keyboard is one of the other major selling points. The oversize for the netbook universe buttons make it a breeze to type. There's no space wasted on multimedia shortcut keys. As good as the keyboard is, the navigation Gateway DX4200 Hauppauge TV Tuner is another story. Netbooks have this yin and yang balancing act between keyboard and touchpad--it seems they're always at odds with each other.

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You can shrink the keyboard to accommodate a comfy mousing zone, or plop down engorged buttons and all but give up on trying to navigate. With Acer's AOh, Gateway DX4200 Hauppauge TV Tuner the latter. The slim little mousebar button is so amazingly, frustratingly narrow that I had a hard time just pressing it. To make matters worse, it's indented. I found it almost impossible to hit the mouse button and get things done.

You ever actually yell at a touch pad? I made do by tapping on the touchpad to replace the left click. The rest of the AOh has a standard setup: Others range from standard recovery software and annoying trial of Online Backup to stuff you could download on your own if you needed them Windows Live Essentials, Google Desktop The AO potentially has so much right, but a few key bungles keep me from throwing my weight behind Acer's big-boned netbook. Maybe less preinstalled gunk to clean out? Whatever the case, as shipped Gateway DX4200 Hauppauge TV Tuner, this model is tough to recommend.

HP Mini What do you do when you already have a couple of well-received netbooks?

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You make another one, of course. And sure as Shadrach, HP is following up on the success of its consumer-friendly Mini and business-centric Mini netbooks not to mention its designer-minded Mini Vivienne Tam with the HP Mini The big difference between the new model and its predecessors is a couple hundred bucks.

The hardware hasn't changed too much: The new model also comes loaded with a three-cell battery--as did the Miniwhich achieved a mediocre battery life of 2 hours, 47 minutes on a charge. In our tests, the Mini survived for 1 minute longer.

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Consider popping an extra 40 bones for the BX06 Mini Battery, to pick up a little extra on-the-go gusto. That's miles hours behind pack leaders such as the Toshiba NB, which posted a magnificent hour run-time.

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