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Flat-blade driver - OR - Scribe or non-marring tool Phillips 0 screwdriver Screws removed during this task: Gateway M460 33 Replacing the keyboard Loosen the six memory bay cover screws these screws cannot be removed. Screws Use the thumb notch to lift the memory bay cover, then remove it. Be careful not to break off the tabs located on the end of the cover opposite of the thumb notch. Page 34 Replacing Gateway Notebook Components www.


Important Depending on the keyboard features, one or both of these screws may be absent. Gateway M460 Screw Turn your notebook over so the top is facing up, then open the LCD panel to the fully opened position.

Page 35 Replacing the keyboard Lift the black keyboard connector clip and optional EZ Point clip, then remove the cables. The Gateway MXL Gateway M460 a modular bay for an optical drive, extra battery, or second hard drive. For one, it allows you to swap batteries away from power without shutting down. Or on a long flight you can watch a DVD with the main battery and then pop in the modular battery for extra long runtime. Gateway M Screen Shot view larger image The screen is gorgeous and a delight to use.

SPECIFICATIONS Gateway M Notebook Processor and Core Logic

It is difficult to express in words how truly fine Gateway M460 display is. It is a traditional matte, non-glare type, and among the best notebook screens I have ever seen.


The only difference other than viewing angle is slightly lower saturation, which I have noticed on all laptops. There are no dead pixels, and the illumination is perfectly even, much better than most low and mid range desktop screens such Gateway M460 a Samsung v I have. Notice how even the illumination is. Under normal and even low lighting conditions, Gateway M460 the backlight on but an all black screen, it looks as though it is turned off. What this means is there is no light leakage whatsoever and the blacks are very true and dark, something often hard to find with LCDs.

There are 8 user-selectable brightness levels, and even the battery saving lowest level is more than sufficient for most environments. Hardcore gamers may notice some streaking due to lower pixel response time, but I was unable to detect any in my testing except when moving the mouse curser very quickly over a saturated color, such as the deep blue in the photo. I have never seen a laptop with truly perfect viewing Gateway M460, and the Gateway M is no different.


High end desktop screens show virtually no change from any angle, even when viewed form below. Still, the Gateway M remains Gateway M460 of the best I have Gateway M460 seen. Even far left and right angles are viewable, and the brightness and contrast only gradually and evenly falls off as you move to the side. From above the image becomes washed out, and from below it becomes dark.

However, it seems to be more subtle than most laptops. No glossy screen is available with this model.

Gateway M460 15in. Notebook/Laptop - Customized

It is an efficient processor, and it shows. The Gateway M460 MXL is very snappy in basic tasks. For most users, even the slowest Pentium M option 1. The Pentium M certainly performs well in benchmarks.

SPECIFICATIONS Gateway M460 Notebook Processor and Core Logic

It is not a very fair test as the workstation has 4 times the RAM 2 GBa 10, rpm hard drive which is nearly twice the rotational speed, and a faster FSB of MHz verses for the notebook. However the tests are not extremely disk intensive which is Gateway M460 area the desktop has the largest advantage.

Lenovo fine-tuned its formula for the Yoga C, adding a trio of useful features that Razer Blade Gateway M460. Starting at: $1, The newly upgraded Razer. by Andrew Johnson, Alaska USA.

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Overview and Introduction: The Gateway M series is designed to be a versatile and surprisingly mobile.

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