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To Foxconn's credit, the drive controllers worked fairly well.


They gave me very few issues overall. With a single SATA drive it worked fine. I'd set up the options and when it came time to hit "Y" to build the array, the software simply wouldn't do anything. I tried multiple keyboards to rule out that problem and that wasn't the Foxconn Bloodrage Marvell SATA.

I tried multiple times with a variety of options and nothing ever changed. This is a good thing as this doesn't always work as intended. Interestingly enough, as you Foxconn Bloodrage Marvell SATA see by the graphs above, there isn't a clear cut winner as far as performance goes between the onboard controllers.

I7 overclock on foxconn bloodrage - completely lost Overclockers UK Forums

Everything is well implemented on the board and CPU usage is very low. What's unusual here is the division of performance. This tells me that for an onboard solution, the Marvell SAS controller is actually very good for a solution that isn't a pure hardware driven one.

LAN1 The small files test showed a maximum transfer rate of The small files upload test showed a maximum transfer speed of The large files download test showed a peak transfer rate of The large files upload test showed a similar peak transfer rate of LAN2 The results of the second LAN interface test mirrored the first with the small files download test showing a maximum throughput of The small files upload test showed a maximum speed of The large files download test again mirrored that of the same test performed on the first NIC interface. The test peaked with a transfer speed of The large files upload test maxed out at Test Systems The following system configurations were used for the Sandra memory benchmark graph, as well as all graphs listed under the Application and Gaming Benchmarks sections: Graphs are labeled as follows: Right out of the gate the Foxconn Blood Rage tanks here and for the obvious reason that Foxconn Bloodrage Marvell SATA are running our RAM at instead of like all of our other test systems.

We could not get our system stable with our seasoned Corsair DDR3 modules. So two different people Foxconn Bloodrage Marvell SATA the same issue with two fully different configurations. We will discuss this more in the conclusion, but obviously this impacts our benchmark scores almost universally. The pin power connector is located behind the three DDR3 memory slots on the right hand side. This board only contains three slots to create one triple channel row. Because this board is Foxconn Bloodrage Marvell SATA for extreme users who will be overclocking, memory is limited to one triple channel to help keep the memory signals clean when pushing higher speeds.

Foxconn Quantum Force X58 BloodRage Motherboard

When it comes to keeping the whole thing cool, Foxconn has come up with a very elaborate heat-pipe assembly as well as some off-pipe heatsinks to keep things as cool as Foxconn Bloodrage Marvell SATA. The Northbridge can be equipped with either a water cooling or LN2 cooling setup by removing four screws from the Northbridge heatsink and replacing the air fins with either the water block or LN2 bucket. Click the above image for the large version Keeping things as tidy as Foxconn Bloodrage Marvell SATA isn't an easy task, but this is one way to do it.

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On the bottom edge of the board there are two more SATA ports. Click the above image for the large version Coming down to Foxconn Bloodrage Marvell SATA power requirements, Foxconn has them covered with a 12 phase voltage regulation system using solid state components, giving the board a true extra edge.

Board & Features Overview - Foxconn Blood Rage - If Looks Could Kill (UPDATE)

The QPI and the memory which are on the CPU UnCore are given a separate two-phase voltage system to help stabilise the memory under heavy clocks, especially since you can't increase the memory voltage Foxconn Bloodrage Marvell SATA 1. The Bloodrage supports the latest industry technologies - Intel® Bloomfield series. eSATA and SATA drives you can connect standard rpm drives as well. We've received confirmation from Foxconn that a certain number of retail boards may be incompatible with some of the higher power PSU's.


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