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The Little and Slim Phatty share the same firmware so any updates can be made to either one.

The Slim Phatty was the first Moog device with USB, which not only makes those updates easier but also makes integration into a modern studio very simple. MOOG Slim Phatty Synthesizer those who have dreamed of owning a polyphonic Moog but can't afford a Memorymoogthe Slim Phatty can also be chained with other Phatty devices for multi-voiced Moog richness. Another strength is the ability to polychain the unit to another Slim or Little Phatty enabling polyphony.

Dubstep producers desiring the basslines pioneered by the likes of Skream or Rusko can route the LFO to the filter cutoff and tweak away for that distinct wobbly effect. Weighing in at just over 2. Power is managed by a universal internal power supply and is distributed via a VAC, Hz kettle lead input.

MOOG Slim Phatty Synthesizer The layout is smooth from left to right, including preset management and global controls, a large step-illuminated rotary control for each of the modulation, oscillator, filter and envelope generator functions with a further 26 rubberized midi emitting buttons bringing each on of these controls to life. Each of the oscillators has a continuously variable waveform from triangle through to saw and square to narrow pulse. It is among the first synthesizers created and produced following the death of Moog founder Robert Moog in It was inferred that Moog would be releasing a new and possibly more stripped down synthesizer when reports surfaced that Moog had registered a trademark for the name "Slim Phatty".

Moog Slim Phatty Synthesizer review

Also included are a large number of patches or preset sound settings. In the modern era of plug-in synths offering multiple sound sources, internal effects at the oscillator stage and all manner of other high-tech wizardry, these might seem modest controls for sound building but that's to ignore decades of Moog's work as MOOG Slim Phatty Synthesizer of synthesizer design.


Filter ladders After the oscillator section you'll find the same classic 24dB-per-octave low-pass filter which features on the Little Phatty. In combination with the biting resonance control, this will take care of your tone shaping needs and represents a huge part of the classic Moog sound. There are separate MOOG Slim Phatty Synthesizer here to configure both keyboard control amount opening the filter as you play higher notes and envelope amount. But the 'game changing' function in this section MOOG Slim Phatty Synthesizer the Overload labelled O.

Moog Slim Phatty Synthesizer review Juno Plus

This has the effect of super-charging the filter's response and is the single feature capable MOOG Slim Phatty Synthesizer doing most damage to your speakers and hearing! You'll love it and it's wonderful to hear the filter stage overloading yet becoming more saturated in a classic 'analogue' way - again, this is a powerful way to enhance grungy leads and bass sounds.

These are arranged in two banks of four and control Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release for the amplifier and filter envelopes in turn. To adjust the parameter of your choice, simply MOOG Slim Phatty Synthesizer the button you want to tweak and the rotary encoder above will show the current value via its LED position.

The time we first saw the Little Phatty, we assumed that not having eight separate dial rotaries with their own real-time read-outs would provide our biggest frustration and yet we quickly got used to responding to the sound we were playing and reaching instinctively for the button we needed before tweaking to suit. With the same control set, operation is no different and this design represents a particularly sensible space compromise on a unit this MOOG Slim Phatty Synthesizer.

MOOG Slim Phatty Synthesizer filter envelope, oscillator 2, Sample and Hold and Noise can also be used as modulation sources while the possible destinations for such jiggery-pokery are the filter, MOOG Slim Phatty Synthesizer, wave and oscillator 2. Moog's Little Phatty has shed some pounds (in both senses of the word), but does this new, lightweight synth have what it takes to be a contender? When we at Sweetwater first got to check out Moog's Slim Phatty, we were, to say the least, mighty impressed. This incredible, small-format analog synth packs.

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