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This package supports the following driver models: What do you need to know about free software? A particular point of debate for me is whether to go with a Mobility Radeon with dedicated memory for a significantly higher price, or settle for a Mobility M6 with shared memory. I'd like to ask ATI M6-MD anyone knows where these cards stand in comparison and what kind of performance I can expect from an M6. I'm mostly worried about the fact the M6 has shared memory, which I've had bad experience with in the past on much cheaper integrated video cards. Walker Remodelled. Feisty is recommended. Please understand that this may, under rare circumstances, make your system unstable! My system is just fine, but you have been warned!

If you really really need help, and just can't get this to work, contact one of my IM accounts listed in my profile. I am usually on weekends, Eastern Time, usually, though I cannot guarantee that. We ATI M6-MD be upgrading packages using versions from Edgy, if you use Dapper.

This may make your system unstable, but my tests ran fine. You don't have to have the Radeon M6 LY I don't think.

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That's the thing. ATI M6-MD don't really know for sure. This HOWTO is completely based on my limited experience, so I am open to suggestions about different situations that may come up! I assume you know how to use the terminal! If you don't, please visit this tutorial: If this isn't true, then I assume that you are somewhat experienced in editing xorg. This tutorial probably won't solve ALL freezing issues. It only reduces them, and enables 3D Acceleration!


My computer usually lasts around 2 hours of good use before it crashes, whereas before it wouldn't last 30 minutes. If you've installed fglrx, you've just ATI M6-MD trashed X the graphics system. In other words, if ATI M6-MD installed fglrx, and are getting issues when running glxinfo, or other programs that use the 3D engine, or even just trying to log in, then you should reinstall Ubuntu!

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Some users reported being able to get things to work just by uninstalling fglrx, and changing the driver back to radeon, but ATI M6-MD will most likely mess with Beryl, and possibly everything else 3D. You have been warned! What I mean is that we are going to see if the drivers to output specific errors, and if they don't enable 3D accelleration ATI M6-MD of those errors. This file controls how the graphical display acts. Notice that the entire configuration is seperated into sections.

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Each Section configures a different thing. We are looking for the Section that configures your video card. Make a copy of the entire Section, then add " " to the beginning of the lines of the ATI M6-MD copy, like ATI M6-MD example below. Be sure to change the "Driver 'ati'" part to "Driver 'radeon'".

ATI Radeon Mobility M6 (sluggish video)

See example below for help. The default value is on.

Use default value. Here's what it looks like in my example Section: Please note that this is from my configuration, and so you might not need everything listed here. Now reboot your computer. Yes", then your all set. This HOWTO disables certain features, and lowers the quality of colors to get direct rendering to work. Note that you almost can't see the difference in colors. If you don't have direct rendering scroll down past this indented part if you have direct rendiringrun ATI M6-MD command:ATI M6-M/D driver. ATI Video Drivers. This site maintains listings of video and ATI M6-MD drivers available on the web, organized by company.


ATI M6-MD This package supports the following driver models:Mobility Radeon ATI WDM Bt Video ATI WDM Audio Video Crossbar ATI WDM TV Tuner ATI WDM TV.

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