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First, we've got an AMR slot.

Second, this board features optional onboard audio. Full audio output can be directed to the chassis' internal speaker to save space, save Asus K7M, and reduce complications with external speakers.

Third, this board is geared towards overclockers in a way that the others aren't. With a combination of voltage tweakability and finer bus speed stepping, people are lining up to Asus K7M what they can make their Athlon do.


Let's talk about this a bit more. Overclocking features on the K7M The K7M is, quite simply, the first Athlon motherboard on the market that Asus K7M you with a reasonable chance to enter into overclocking nirvana without having to face the prospects of splitting your CPU open like a melon. First of all, we've got a decent selection of bus speeds to choose from: Sounds like an ABIT board to me. You get to play with these settings using one of two options: It's your call.

The Athlon is Asus K7M 7th generation processor, while the Pentium III is sixth generation, and has the same core architecture as the Pentium Pro processor from back in the early 90's. These newer Pentium III processors rival the Athlon in business and gaming benchmarks, and beat the Athlon in some high-end applications like Photoshop. The only problem is, that Intel made serious mistakes in getting motherboard support for the Coppermine-type Pentium IIIs to market, so that currently, it's nearly impossible to find good motherboards for these new Intel chips.

This is similar to the situation AMD was in with the Athlon right after it's release. The Athlon Asus K7M a major step forward for AMD, and gives Intel some hot competition for the first time in Asus K7M. While we were only able to overclock the Athlon by 7MHz on the front side bus, there are reports of much better results with the newest batch of Athlon CPUs. Also, there are many reports of the Athlon being very overclockable by changing the multiplier setting, which requires either an add-on dip switch card, or some soldering on the circuit board.

ASUS K7M AMD 750/VIA 686A Slot-A ATX

We will have a report on this soon. The Asus K7M is a great Asus K7M for overclocking the Athlon processor using higher bus settings.

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Also, there is no reason to incorporate a sound chip on the motherboard, and we don't think high-end motherboards need an audio-modem riser slot either. This is because Intel has already overclocked it as far as it will go. Don't buy this one unless you want to pay Intel to do your overclocking for you. You could even think of this as an addendum to the Shootout, if ya want. Indeed, as you'll see, we're primarily interested to see how this board stacks up against the FIC that took first place in the shootout. Let's rock. Better late than never I Asus K7M a good deal of flak from you all back when we published the Athlon Mobo Shootout simply on account of our leaving the "big board" of the bunch, the K7M, out of the comparison.

There's a reason for that--they're not always easy to get a hold of. Additionally, we were hoping to get a comment from ASUS on the board and their future plans for the K7, but it looks like everyone is mum. Yep, it's a crazy world we live in.


If my Asus K7M on Intel vs. AMD wasn't enough to convince you that motherboard manufacturers are feeling the heat from Intel, maybe this little tidbit will: That's right. This board comes in a plain white box. The unstable GeForces were tested with a variety of driver versions which didn't seem to help the instability. All of this is with Super Bypass enabled. Some old forum posts say disabling this helps if you have problems even at AGP 1x. There are a number of revisions to the AMD chipset and I think some have more problems than others. Some random observations:K7M.


Select Other Model. Quickly Asus K7M your product support. REGISTER YOUR Asus K7M · CPU / Memory Support · Driver & Utility · FAQ · Manual &. So it wasn't a surprise that ASUS' K7M was a very highly anticipated Athlon motherboard, but what definitely is a surprise is that until very.


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