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As I write this, the first reviews of AOPen's second-generation Pentium M desktop motherboard have just started to appear. Tiny Tips Further to my PC Musician feature on drive defragmentation in SOS JuneI've discovered that it is possible to encourage Microsoft's built-in defragmenter utility to 'defrag' a selection of drives or partitions in sequence. What you need to Asus CT-479 is create a 'BAT' batch file.

Old-time DOS users will already be familiar with these batch files, which are essentially text files containing a series of commands, one on each line. Just open Notepad, type in a line for each partition you want to include, such as 'defrag c: You can run it at any time by double-clicking on it. Pentium M Desktop Adaptor What many PC users have been hoping for is a way to plug a Pentium M processor into existing motherboards that already have more advanced Asus CT-479. After all, the Pentium M is electrically compatible with the Pentium 4, and there are even the same number of pins on its package. The problem is that the Socket pin-out of the Pentium M Banias and Dothan ranges is completely different from that of Asus CT-479 Socket used by the Pentium 4 Northwood range and early Prescott models.


Nevertheless, owners of some Asus motherboards may find that their dreams are about to come true. You plug this into your motherboard and then you can plug a Pentium M processor into the Socket mounted on the top of the circuit board. A heatsink and low-noise Asus CT-479 complete the package. All require a BIOS update to accommodate the adaptor.

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Compatible processors include the Dothan range from 1. With the fastest 2. Another benefit of this upgrade is that most of the motherboard BIOS overclocking options are still available. Already it has proved possible to overclock a 2. I can envisage many musicians who still have Asus Socket based PCs wondering about buying a CT Upgrade Kit and a Dothan processor to boost their processing performance. It has to be admitted that the Pentium M isn't an especially long-term solution, since current models don't Asus CT-479 bit support though there will eventually be dual-core models when the next-generation Pentium M 'Yonah' core is released in Asus CT-479 Nevertheless, for those Asus motherboard users who have been tentative about abandoning their current PCs in the present climate of change, this could be the perfect quick and easy way to upgrade performance, with the added, and very welcome, bonus of reduced acoustic noise.

Socket 479

Asus CT-479 the longer term, I can also Asus CT-479 why so many industry experts think that Intel should scrap the Pentium 4 range to concentrate on faster Pentium M models. PC Snippets If you're having problems with Firewire devices providing reduced performance after installing Windows XP Service Pack 2, you'll no doubt be pleased to hear that Microsoft have released a KB update KB that should cure the problem once and for all.

You can download it from http: Anyone about to undertake a radical re-partitioning of their hard drives following my May Sound Asus CT-479 Sound feature on the subject will no doubt be interested to hear about a free alternative to the famous Partition Magic utility. You can then boot from it to perform various drive-salvaging and troubleshooting tasks, including the partition management functions of QParted. This adapter neatly solves both the price and performance issues, the latter by supplying a dual-channel memory configuration unavailable in the Intel GME laptop chipset.

Test Subject: Asus P4C - Dothan Over Netburst: Is The Pentium 4 A Dead End?

How well does the CT adapt the Pentium M for desktop use? We're about to find out.

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A look at the CT Asus sells the CT separately, allowing you to choose the motherboard for Asus CT-479. A list of the motherboards currently supported can be found here.

The BIOS upgrade could prove to be an interesting problem. Here is Asus CT-479 view of the bottom of the CT board. There's not much to see here except pins.


Uhh, yeah, I counted them The board itself is pretty small, since it has to fit inside the Socket heatsink retention bracket and can't protrude past the arm on the motherboard socket. The view from the top is a little more interesting. In addition to the laptop socket, there is a floppy-style power connector for the circuitry on the board, as well as jumpers to choose between a MHz and MHz front-side bus. Asus has decided to do something about that requirement in rather inventive fashion. The CT is an adapter Asus CT-479 that plugs into the. We are going to take a look at the ASUS CT Adapter which allows you to use an Intel Mobile Processor in your desktop.

With the ASUS CT Asus CT-479 you can turn that old ASUS P/P mobo into a serious gaming machine. Instead, as an extra bonus, I'm going to review the OCZ.

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