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HD on websites using Flash plays fine. I originally had purchased a HA a few months ago and wound up giving it to my wife she doesn't care about HD and got this PR Asus 1005PR-PU17-BK and I really like it so far. It does run really slow.


You have to do all of the standard Asus 1005PR-PU17-BK 7 tweaks on it to get the performance back up to par. I had put an SSD drive in the HA I gave to my wife and am really happy with it, so I got Asus 1005PR-PU17-BK SSD drive to put in this PR but just haven't put it in yet, as I want to make sure I am really happy with the entire unit before I void the warranty just yet and disassemble this thing. I tested several video files in full x p and some video cam files in x p and they play fine in that trial version of Arcsoft Media whatever-it's-called 3 thing, but the sound doesn't work since it's the trial version doesn't play Dolby copyrighted audiobut I tried these same h. I am going to use one of my Windows Anytime Upgrade license keys and upgrade it to full Win 7 Pro which should have the fully functional Windows Media Player and I know it has a very nice h.

ASUS Eee PC Seashell 1005PR-PU17-BK 10.1-Inch Netbook – Black – 1005PR

As far as the Arcsoft Media Center solution which Asus 1005PR-PU17-BK included in the software bundle goes, I'm not a big fan of bundled software that is not fully-functional and didn't ship with the laptop in it's fully-functional state. This for some reason irritates me whenever I buy a new computer and none of the included software just simply works forever. I usually get mad and don't even try it too much and uninstall all the trials because I already own programs that usually work better than the trials they've packaged into the software bundle.

So my preference as far as a media player would be to try and get Windows Media Player to work. It only ships on the new Windows 7 OSs, and I think the Win Asus 1005PR-PU17-BK Starter might not have the full featured version because like I said, it looks all garbled on this new Netbook. I will post an update when I get my upgrade key installed and I'm running the full Win 7 Pro and post back about whether the h. But all in all, I am very happy with this new netbook since I don't feel like I'm working through a keyhole, because with the hi-resolution panel I have plenty of screen real estate. The other HA I gave to my wife, even after adjusting the DPI and skrinking everything as small as I could in the software and registry settings, in the end it was still just a x panel. This new hi-res panel in this PR makes me feel a lot more at home since I come from a T61p Thinkpad with a x res panel and with all that real estate, I just couldn't get used to the limited resolution that came on netbooks, but this new netbook is the answer to the problem, the reason why I never had wanted to get a netbook before, was the pathetic resolutions they traditionally had.

But with this one, I could use this all day, except the processor is still a bit slow for developers as compiling code it is way too slow with the atom processor. But if I have internet connection available, I can still connect to my server at home and do my dev work on the netbook, upload the code to the server, and Asus 1005PR-PU17-BK have it compile the code, so this is not a deal-breaker, just a small hassle.

ASUS Eee PC Seashell PR-PUBK Inch Netbook – Black – PR

If they could get these compact netbooks to have real processors with Core2 Duo or Asus 1005PR-PU17-BK even, that would be the bomb. But for now, this little PA is quite the little machine for what it is, and the battery life is amazing.


I also bought a second battery for a spare and that's one thing the Thinkpad T61p could ever touch was Asus 1005PR-PU17-BK could only last maybe close to 2 hrs on battery but this PR lasts more like hours on a single battery, and I have 2 of them, so I just leave the charger at home. I do wish I could get a cradle charger though, to charge the batteries without having to put them into the netbook to charge.


If somebody made a cradle charger for these and other netbook models, I think it would be a hit sale. Maybe I should send this idea to some Chinese manufacturing company, I'm sure they would jump on the chance. But I would recommend this netbook to anyone who wants more screen real estate, and the ability to watch HD content since that is where all TV has moved and is still moving. If your netbook did not come Asus 1005PR-PU17-BK the Broadcom hardware or is not functioning according to the item description, then simply contact Amazon and make them send you the correct model as it was advertised, since it says right in the item description that it has this hardware.

Amazon has been very reasonable to me as I've bought lots of stuff from them over the years, and they've never been unfair with me, and their return policies are very accomodating, almost as good as Costco's. I'm giving it 4 stars because the current software package ought to be optimized more for performance because the bloatware makes it run slow on the Atom processor and this may deteer the average consumer who does not know how to reduce the bloatware on their own accord. Once bloatware is removed, and performance settings are optimized, and 2GB RAM is installed, then this machine performs pretty good and works decent for having an Atom processor.

Developers typically tend to forget that more code is not always better.

: Customer reviews: ASUS Eee PC Seashell PR-PUBK Inch Netbook (Black)

The code needs to be sized and taylored for the hardware it is running on. On, my other netbook, I still run Windows Aero Desktop theme and it works fine, but I DO turn Asus 1005PR-PU17-BK much of the animation in the Visual Settings, like animate menus, and fade or slide menus, etc, etc.

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As soon as I do the upgrade on this netbook to Win 7 Pro, I will also turn on Aero just because I like the semi transparent taskbar look and color, but I will also disable most of all the animation effects as I did on my wife's netbook. And if you go to the startup tab in msconfig what is all that junk that they think needs to run at startup" Seashell Netbook Computer with Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade is a B&H Kit that includes the netbook.

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