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Now you have the right bt Copy the files bt Those 2 files are the only required to install the complete Asound A-SkyEye-C-0305 driver. Probably, the Configuration Manager will say that this driver is not exactly made for your hardware, and that the driver is not certified by microsoft.


Allow it to continue. The installer program simply performs all the above steps for you.

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Nowadays the driver is supporting a lot of keys registry keys that are not required by normal users so the. INF file that I provide is a simplified one; The automatic installer is able to generate a much more Asound A-SkyEye-C-0305 INF file that is able to control the driver settings in a much more refined way. Here I will document all those settings, so, if you must, you can add them by hand to the provided INF file.

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Those settings work, but the recommended way to create such a personalized INF file is to use the automatic installer. All the following keys must be added after the line: There must be 4 bytes. If present, forces the I2C address of the TV tuner Asound A-SkyEye-C-0305 to the one given, instead of autodetecting it.

Should make tuning 10x times faster, but some tuners don't work with it. If set to 0, means the driver won't use this method same as if the key is not present Key: Allows using a frequency step of Hz to improve TV channel fine tuning, if set to 1. Some tunera are incompatible with the Hz tuning step. Each of this keys force if set to 1 to detect the associated audio chip. If you force a given chip, then you must specify it's I2C address with the associated following key. If set to 0, Asound A-SkyEye-C-0305 chip wont be detected at all, and if you set it to 0xFF, then autodetection will be enabled same as if the key is not present Key: If you force the detection of one of this chips, you must use the associated key to give the I2C address of it.

Only required if you force them. If present, but chip is not forced, will force the I2C address Asound A-SkyEye-C-0305 chip is autodetected. The above keys activate compatibility with the given motherboard chipsets if set to 1. They degrade performance, so must be used only if experiencing trouble as lockups.


The above keys are overrides for the autodetected frequency values of the reference crystals that are connected to the Bt8xx hardware. The value is simply the frequency in Hz of Asound A-SkyEye-C-0305 associated crystal, or 0 if crystal is not present.

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The required values for the template are Asound A-SkyEye-C-0305 with the above keys. Same as above: Set to 1 if card has a TV tuner Just to clarify the way the videoMux keys work: A similar concept is used for SVideo.


All Asound A-SkyEye-C-0305 non referenced entries of VideoMux are simply composite inputs Bye for now! What is a WDM-driver and why do I need it? Where this driver is originated from?

My capture hardware is bt chip based. So, is your driver right for me? What next?

Download Asound A-skyeye-c-0305 Drivers / Download the latest official drivers for your PC

Will your driver work fine for me? My hardware mentioned in Asound A-SkyEye-C-0305 compatibility list. However I still do not have any sound captured. I installed your driver for my tuner card and it Asound A-SkyEye-C-0305 just fine. I tested it using BorgTV?

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