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When an image is selected, the format bar displays tools to adjust opacity, show and hide shadow and reflection effects, and mask the image. Beginning in iWork '08, word processing and page layout are two distinct modes. In word processing mode, Pages supports headers and footers, footnotes, and outline and list creation. Users can collaborate with others on a document. Pages tracks changes by different users by displaying each person's edits in different colors. Users can also add comments alongside the document. In page layout mode, users have complete control over Apple Pages position of objects on the page.


It didn't used to be. Pages had a fine outliner back in the day, back before Apple revamped the entire app in That was a typical Apple move that did make a better app but at the cost of major features that the company might then slowly restore. So far it hasn't restored outlining. However, it does have this Note Taking template and it at least looks a bit like an outlining tool. It comes with an example of outline-style headings Apple Pages indents. Select all of the example text, hit delete, and start typing. If you begin a sentence with a number or a Apple Pages numeral then when you hit Return at the end of it, you'll automatically get a correctly-numbered next line.

So you can rapidly produce a numbered list. You can also create the kind of headings and subheadings you get in outlines.

With your cursor at the start of a line, hit Tab and you indent that line. Anything you type now and anything that was already on that line will be changed to a Apple Pages of the line above.

How to Reinstall Apple Pages

You can keep tabbing to indent lines and shift-tabbing to out-dent them. Eventually you Apple Pages up with a document that looks very much like an outline. If you're doing this to present a proposal to a publisher, it may even be enough.

Doubtlessly you're going to add some lines Apple Pages delete others but the basic shape is there and complete. Only, outlining is only partly about presenting your work. It's practically an accidental side effect that an outline is a presentable document that helps you sell ideas.


Really outlining is about finding and shaping those ideas. It's about helping you get to the core of what you want to convey and then about finding how exactly to present it in the best Apple Pages.

Pages Support

Pages does none of this. The closest it comes is in how it lets you re-order entries in the outline. Each line begins with a symbol such as a bullet point for the main headings and a Apple Pages sign for the subheads. Apple Pages and hold on one of these symbols and you can drag the line up and down to wherever you want.

When you finish dragging, Pages renumbers the whole document to reflect the new order. It definitely works but it's very slow. It's sufficiently cumbersome, too, that you're prone to dragging a line up and accidentally dropping it in the middle of another one. That's because this isn't outlining, it's really the same kind of drag Apple Pages drop that word processors use for moving paragraphs Apple Pages.

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Then outlines for complex projects tend to amass detail that's vital to record, vital to be able to arrange, but Apple Pages overwhelming when you're trying to see the big picture. Outlines should be able to collapse and expand sections so that you can choose how much detail you see at any one time.

Pages can't do this but alternatives like OmniOutliner can. If you write complex documents, if you Apple Pages events, if you do anything where you start with a mess of ideas that Apple Pages have to sort out, just go buy OmniOutliner.

Styles All of this planning and outlining is manna to some writers and anathema to others. If you're using Pages for anything substantial, though, then it pays to prepare the ground at least a little. Pages is a powerful word processor that lets you create Apple Pages documents. You can even use Apple Pencil on your iPad to add comments and illustrations by hand. And with real-time collaboration, your team can work together, whether they're on Apple Pages, iPad, or iPhone, or using a PC. Create gorgeous documents in minutes with the Pages for Mac word processor.

Start with an Apple-designed template to instantly create.

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