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Appendix A, Jumper Table Summarygives you a tabular summary of the jumper settings discussed in Chapter 2. Appendix B, Frequently Asked Questioncollects most frequently asked question of this product. Alerts you to any damage that might result from doing or not doing specific actions. Suggests precautionary measures to avoid potential hardware or software problems. Reminds you Aopen AP5T take specific action relevant to the accomplishment of the procedure at hand. Make sure you fully understand the items contained in this menu before you try to change anything.

You may change the parameter settings to improve system performance. However, it may cause system unstable if the setting is not correct for your system configuration. The Aopen AP5T setting is Auto. The ECC algorithm has the ability to detect double bit error and automatically correct single bit error. If set to NA, the chipset will insert 3. If set to NA, the chipset will automatically insert 3.


This function is used to meet latency Aopen AP5T ISA bus master. Try to enable or disable it, if you have ISA card compatibility problem. However, this microcode may slightly reduce CPU performance. We provide this option for your Aopen AP5T if you like to test it. The default setting is MHz, you can modify it to match the actual CPU frequency by using the utility - flash. If you want to set other value, please choose "Manual " to set CPU clock frequency and clock ratio manually. The default value is 3. See the following screen.


Set to Disable to turn off power management function. Set to User Define to choose your own parameters.

For example, stop CPU internal clock. Blank Screen writes blanks to video buffer. In this mode, the monitor power-saving feature activates. Any activity detected returns the system to full power. This item is independent from the power states previously described Aopen AP5T this section Standby and Suspend. Suspend to Hard Drive saves system status, memory and screen image into hard disk, then the power can be totally Off.

AOPEN AP5T Pentium Motherboard PCI and ISA Socket 7 Onboard I/o as Is

Next time, when power is turned On, the system goes back to your original work within just Aopen AP5T seconds, which depending on your memory size. When Delay 4 sec. If the Aopen AP5T is pressed less than 4 sec during power On, the system will go into Suspend mode.


If the switch is pressed longer than 4 sec, the system will be turned Aopen AP5T. The default setting is Instant-Off, soft power switch is only used to control On and Off, there is no need to press 4 sec, and there is no Suspend. Here you can specify what date you want to wake up the system.

For Example, setting to 15 will wake up the system on the 15th day of every month. Setting this Aopen AP5T to 0 will wake up the system on the specified time which can be set in the WakeUp Time item every day. Here you can specify what time you Aopen AP5T to wake up the system. The rest of system resources will be allocated by PnP operating system.

Set this to Auto to enable the autoconfiguration function. This item specifies Aopen AP5T memory base start address of the reserved memory space.

AOpen AX5T-3.1

If you select Auto, system will automatically assign an available value to the device. It is suggested to use default setting, which is Auto, in order to comply with PnP specification completely. Optimal Aopen AP5T are relatively safer than the Turbo settings.

Optimal is not the slowest Aopen AP5T for this mainboard. If you need to verify a unstable problem, you may manually set the parameter in the "BIOS Features Setup" and "Chipset Features Setup" to get slowest and safer setting. To attain the best system performance, you may manually set the parameters in the "Chipset Features Setup" to get proprietary setting. This TX chipset board features CPU temp monitoring, kB L2 Cache, 2x DIMM, 4x PS/2 sockets, 3x Aopen AP5T / 4x PCI slots and outstanding quality.

Both boards support Ultra DMA/2, 64 MB cacheable area (SDRAM or EDO), no ECC support. The performance of the AOpen TX chipset Aopen AP5T is.


from BIOS and also ADM (AOpen Desktop Manager, similar as Intel LDCM), if AOpen AP5T/AX5T/AX6F has special thermal detection circuit under the.

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