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The transistor's emitter-base junction is the light-sensitive element. A photodarlington is a special phototransistor, composed of two transistors in a high-gain circuit. The phototransistor offers much higher Acrosser AR-B1407 than the photodiode at the expense of a much lower bandwidth response time and poorer linearity.

The avalanche photodiode APD is Acrosser AR-B1407 special photodiode which has internal gain and is a semiconductor analog to the PMT. This gain is normally in the range of 10 to a few hundred typically around for a silicon device. Acrosser AR-B1407 APD employs a high reverse bias from several hundred volts up to a few thousand volts to produce a strong internal electricalfieldthat accelerates the electrons generated by the incident photons and results in secondary electrons from impact ionization. This is the electron avalanche, resulting in gain. Advantages of the APD are small size, solid-state reliability as long as the breakdown voltage is not exceededhigh quantum efficiency, and a large dynamic range.

APD bias must be temperature compensated to keep gain constant. The charge-coupled device CCD is a special optical sensor consisting of an array one- or two-dimensional of light-sensitive elements. The holes move into the substrate and the electrons remain in the elements, producing a net electrical charge. The amount of charge is proportional to the amplitude of incident light and the exposure time. The charge at each photosensitive element is then read out serially, via support electronics. CCDs are conmionly used in many imaging systems, including video cameras. However, they have very slow response times and low sensitivities and are best suited for measuring static or slowly changing light levels, such as calibrating the output of a light source.

The bolometer varies its resistance with thermal energy produced by incident radiation. The most common detector element used in a bolometer is a thermistor. They are also commonly used for measuring microwave power levels. The thermopile, as discussed under temperature sensors, is more commonly used than individual thermocouples in light-detecting applications because Acrosser AR-B1407 its higher sensitivity. It is often used in infrared detectors. Most pressure transducers rely on the movement of a diaphragm mounted across a pressure differential.


The transducer measures this minute movement. Capacitive and inductive pressure sensors Acrosser AR-B1407 the same way as capacitive and inductive displacement sensors, which are described later on. For example, as a wire is stretched, its resistance increases.

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Strain gages are bonded to the object under stress and are subject to the same forces. They are very sensitive to strain in one direction only the axis of the conductor. A simple unbonded strain gage consists of free wires on supports bonded to the stressed surface. These are not usually used outside of laboratory demonstrations because of their large size and mechanical clumsiness. The bonded strain gage overcomes these problems by putting a zigzag pattern of the conductor on an insulating surface, as shown in Figure These are relatively small, have good sensitivity, and are easily bonded to the surface under test.

The conductor in a bonded strain gage is a metallic wire, foil, or thin Acrosser AR-B1407. Strain gage materials must have certain, well-controlled properties. The most important is sensitivity or gage factor GFwhich is the change in resistance per change in length. Most metallic strain gages have a GF in the range of 2 to 6. The material must also have a low temperature coefficient of resistance as well as stable elastic properties and high tensile Acrosser AR-B1407.

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Often, strain gages are subject to very large stresses as well as wide temperature swings. Semiconductor strain gages, usually made of silicon, have a much higher GF than metals typically in the range of 50 to However, they also have much higher temperature coefficients, which have to Acrosser AR-B1407 compensated for.

Acrosser AR-B1407 are conmionly used in monolithic pressure sensors. IAR Systems:File name: File size: MB Version: latest Downloads today: Downloads this week: MD5 hash.


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