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You should also get a rather skilled mechanic on your side because of all the repair work that you will be making.

Walkera Runner Drone: Specs, Features, Reviews, Prices, Competitors

While this is true for the vast majority of drones out there, the same cannot be said about the Walkera Walkera Runner 250 Drone From the very box that it comes in, to the very max altitude that it can reach, you can clearly see that this drone was made to last and take a lot of punishment in the process. All the vital and semi-vital drone components are safely fastened and secured behind its thick metal frame which absorbs any shock and impact damage, making the drone withstand crashes, stress, and shocks that other drones would not be able to. The Runner is an RTF drone, meaning that it comes assembled in the box with minimal assembly required from the user in order for it to fly.


The standard components will have to be installed, though, like the battery pack and the propellers, as well as the optional camera. This is because of the fact that the Runner is rather robust itself and the heavy duty frame needs a lot of force in order to be flown around. The propellers are designed this way to move a lot more air around and generate the force required to not Walkera Runner 250 Drone lift the drone off the ground but also give it the Walkera Runner 250 Drone to fly around and maneuver in a nimble and responsive fashion. Another thing that sets this drone apart from all the other drones on the market is the controller itself.

The runner uses the DEVO 7 transmitter as its controller, making it a lot easier to fly and concentrate on the flight itself rather than the drone. Carbon fiber structure feature durable performance. Simple to disassemble and re-assemble. Extremely long, high sensitive, remote control range. Buy Walkera Runner on Amazon There is a small downside to this drone however, and ironically, it comes as a Walkera Runner 250 Drone of its main strongpoint. The Runner is pretty much the drone equivalent of a tank, being able to be rammed into walls, crashed, tossed around and even spun out from great altitudes at great speeds. This means that the frame is not only sturdy but also heavy, causing the drone to reach a weight of g with the battery mounted on. This, combined with the Technically, this flight time is to be expected because the Runner is Walkera Runner 250 Drone racing drone capable of reaching very high speeds and altitudes.


One last thing to note here is the fact that the Runner is a drone that was conceived with racing and endurance flights in Walkera Runner 250 Drone. If you are interested in finding out more about this new, adrenaline-filled sport, you can also read our article about drone racing.

Each and every single aspect of the drone is carefully balanced and fabricated in such a way that permits the drone to withstand a lot of punishment and still keep on flying. Walkera Runner 250 Drone specifications Packaging The Runner comes in a flashy, yet standard package which pretty much looks like a suitcase more than anything else.

Walkera Runner 250: The Small Drone That Packs A Big Punch

Inside the shock absorbing sponge filled case you will find: You can purchase pretty much any spare part for this particular drone, from propellers to the actual motherboard. Design and durability As mentioned earlier, durability is one of the words that best describe this drone, being able to take a lot of punishment and at the same time simply get back up and keep flying. The frame is sturdy and well-built, being able to absorb a lot of, if not all of, the stress, the shock, and the impact force that the drone has to face in case of a crash or hit. The overall design is not as flashy or as eye-catching as the other drones on the market. In fact, it is best described Walkera Runner 250 Drone a bare-bones design, the frame and the inner workings of the drone being exposed and visible.

The motors and mechanical joints, however, are shielded and hidden. This is not for aesthetic reasons, but in order to prevent any dust, corrosion or dirt getting in and messing with the fine machines, which is especially dangerous seeing as the Runner sports a brushless motor. The head and tail lights are slightly bigger on this drone, making them more visible and more distinguishable from the surrounding environment.

This means that in the night time the drone will illuminate what is in front of and behind it, not side to side or beneath it, making night time landings a lot more tricky and risky. The propellers are stubbier, thicker and slightly wider than the average drone propellers. This is because of the fact that they have to compensate for the weight of the frame and actually generate a lot more lift as a result of it. This means that a larger quantity of air needs to be moved and a larger lift surface needs to be Walkera Runner 250 Drone to the underside of the propellers in order to not only get the Runner off of the ground but also allow it to take sharp turns, reach racing speeds and still maintain a rather large level of stability.

Camera The Runner comes with a built-in digital camera that has the following specs: DC 12V This camera is pretty good as far as built-in cameras go. While the camera is absolutely fine for casual film clips and low budget projects, it simply does not have the resolution for high budget project shots and professional work. But then again, this is not a platform meant for aerial filming but for FPV racing.

Battery and flight time When it comes to the battery life and flight time, the Runner falls a bit short of the mark, especially when compared to other drones and the standard batteries that they come with. The battery itself is more or less a standard Still, because of the weight of the drone itself, especially the frame, the flight time is significantly reduced — on average, the Walkera Runner 250 Drone time of the Runner is minutes. There have been attempts made to attach more than one battery to the drone, however, so far they have been unsuccessful. The drone is able to function with bigger drone batteries that hold a bigger charge.

However, there are minor adjustments that have to be made to the frame as well as making sure that the drone is not thrown off balance.

One last thing to be noted here is the fact that the standard battery provided by the producer has a rather short and comfortable recharge time. Runner (R) While flying the runner advance with goggle 2 FPV at high speed; you can When the racing drone Walkera Runner 250 Drone left or turns right during flight. Runner PRO,walkera. Drones; Industry Application; Simulator; Game Controller; Support. ENGLISH. ENGLISH · 简体 RUNNER R; Runner PRO.

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