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Your notes are a riskier investment than ordinary debt securities. Also, your notes are not equivalent to investing directly in the underlier stocks, i. You should carefully consider whether the offered TSM XSW-8168 CIF are suited to your particular circumstances. Such estimated value on the trade date is set forth on the cover of this pricing supplement; after the trade date, the estimated value as determined by reference to these models will be affected by changes in market conditions, our creditworthiness and other relevant factors.

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The amount of the excess will initially equal the amount on the cover of this pricing supplement, which will decline on TSM XSW-8168 CIF straight line basis over the period from the date hereof through the applicable date set forth on the cover. These pricing models are proprietary and rely in part on certain assumptions about future events, which may prove to be incorrect.

As a result, the actual value you would receive if you TSM XSW-8168 CIF your notes in the secondary market, if any, to others may differ, perhaps materially, from the estimated value of your notes determined by reference to our models due to, among other things, any differences in pricing models or assumptions used by others. In addition to the factors discussed above, the value and quoted price of your notes at any time will reflect many factors and cannot be predicted. These changes may adversely affect the value of your notes, including the price you may receive for your notes in any market making transaction.

Furthermore, if you sell your notes, you will likely be charged a commission for secondary market transactions, or the price will likely reflect a dealer discount.

This commission or discount TSM XSW-8168 CIF further reduce the proceeds you would receive for your notes in a secondary market sale. The Notes Are Subject to the Credit Risk of the Issuer Although the return on the notes will be based on the performance of the underlier, the payment of any amount due on the notes is TSM XSW-8168 CIF to our credit risk.

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The notes are our unsecured obligations. The cash payment on your notes, if any, on the stated maturity date will be based on the performance of the MSCI Daily Total Return Net World Index as measured from the initial underlier level to the closing level on the determination date, subject to the following TSM XSW-8168 CIF. The amount that you would have been paid on your notes on the stated maturity date had that amount been based solely on the performance of the index will be reduced by multiplying such amount by Therefore, if the underlier does not increase by at least TSM XSW-8168 CIF amount slightly in excess of 0.

This adjustment will reduce any return on your investment resulting from an increase in the level of the underlier and will TSM XSW-8168 CIF any loss on your investment resulting from a decline in the level of the underlier. Thus, you may lose your entire investment in the notes, which would include any premium to face amount you paid when you purchased the notes. Also, the market price of your notes prior to the stated maturity date may be significantly lower TSM XSW-8168 CIF the purchase price you pay for your notes. Consequently, if you sell your notes before the stated maturity date, you may receive far less than the amount of your investment in the notes. If the final underlier level increases by less than slightly in excess of 0. The Amount Payable on Your Notes Is Not Linked to the Level of the Underlier at Any Time Other than the Determination Date The final underlier level will be based on the closing level of the underlier on the determination date subject to adjustment as described elsewhere in this pricing supplement.

Therefore, if the closing level of the underlier dropped precipitously on the determination date, the payment amount for your notes may be significantly less than it would have been had the payment amount been linked to the closing level of the underlier prior to such drop in the level of the underlier. Although the actual level of the underlier on the stated maturity date or at other times during the life of your notes may be higher than the final Table of Contents underlier level, you will not benefit from the closing level of the underlier at any time other than on the determination date. As a result, even if the amount payable for your notes on the stated maturity date exceeds the face amount of your notes, the TSM XSW-8168 CIF return you earn on your notes may be less than you would have earned by investing in a non-indexed debt security of comparable maturity that bears interest at a prevailing market rate.

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Neither you nor any other holder or owner of your notes will have any voting rights, any right to receive dividends or other distributions, any rights to make a claim against the underlier stocks or any other rights with respect to the underlier stocks. Your notes will be paid in cash and you will have no right to receive delivery of any underlier stocks. Goldman Sachs is not otherwise affiliated with the issuers of the underlier TSM XSW-8168 CIF or the underlier sponsor. As we have told you above, however, we or our affiliates may currently or from time to time in the future own securities of, or engage in business with the underlier sponsor or the underlier stock issuers.

Nevertheless, neither we nor any of our affiliates assumes any responsibility for the accuracy or the completeness TSM XSW-8168 CIF any information about the underlier or any of the other underlier stock issuers. You, as an investor in your notes, should make your own investigation into the underlier and the underlier stock issuers.

Download SMC SMC2586W-G Driver 1.0 Free

Neither the underlier sponsor nor any of the other underlier stock issuers are involved in this offering of your notes in any way and none of them have TSM XSW-8168 CIF obligation of any sort with respect to your notes. Thus, neither the underlier sponsor nor any of the underlier stock issuers have any obligation to take your interests into consideration for any reason, including in taking any corporate actions that might affect the value of your notes. TSM XSW-8168 CIF

Even if a secondary market for your notes develops, it may not provide significant liquidity and we expect that transaction costs in any secondary market TSM XSW-8168 CIF be high. As a result, the difference between bid and asked prices for your notes in any secondary market could be substantial.

The issue price of the notes in the subsequent sale may differ substantially higher or lower from the TSM XSW-8168 CIF price you paid as provided on the cover of this pricing supplement. If you purchase notes at a price that differs from the face amount of the notes, then the return on your investment in such notes held to the stated maturity date will differ from, and may be substantially less than, the return on notes purchased at face amount. Free Download TSM XSW CIF Driver (Digital Camera / Webcam TSM is a French company that specializez in DVD players.

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