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S - Video output Coaxial audio input Analog Jamo DVR-50 output Optical audio output [ ] Page: Ira Satellite receiver or set top Jamo DVR-50 hasdigital audio output here opticalyou can con - nect to it directly. When tile disk tray is openpush the end of the tray to cloSe it. Indicates the trackchapter or program being played i! Indicates the status on the source or the media playing 4.

Indicates the type of media being played Remote The receiver is delivered with a standard remote controL All the player's Jamo DVR-50 can be performed from it. Video or Auxilian Selector 5.


Right ArrowlFast Forwarc Tryconnecting your TVset using the Jamo DVR-50. Video Select the video connection your DVD receiver is plugged with. Composite video is always availablebut the quality level is not as good as the other connections.

When the ] amo logo appears on the main screenpress the SETUP button on your Jamo DVR-50 controland a menu will appear with the available options. The orange frame shows your position on the menu.


The settings on some of the menus have already been determined under Quick setupbut there are several settings available under Advanced setup as Jamo DVR-50. LanguageSettings The first menu is the Language settings menu. You can select more DVD languages by selecting and entering a country code from the table shown on appendix.


ComDosite video is alwavs avail - able. Progressive scan only works on Component video output.

This connection givea the bestvideo quality. Speakers level let you change the level on the speakers individually.

Jamo announces DVR-50 DVD/DivX receiver

Jamo DVR-50 channel you want to changeand use the volume buttons to adjust up and down. For each sourcethe mDU [ plugs can be: Somefilms are divided into levelsso that parents can prevent their children from seeing a specific type Jamo DVR-50 film. The light in the DVDReceiver'sdisplaycan be modified from dim to normal or bright.

All settings canbe reset in the " Restore settings " menuand the Quick setup can be reqnitiated fr0m the last menu. To leavea menuJamo DVR-50

Jamo DVR 50 Instruction Manual

Auxiliary can De selee [ ea oy pressing the Video button twice. It can be Jamo DVR-50 according to the tabIe shown below. The default for CD rap3 and radio is always stereo tcentre ann rear sDeaKers are turneo offl. Surround Stereo Dolb '. You can use nexl orevlous Use me arrow buttons to nawgate in the menu and start track or Jou can use role menu io navigate tnrougn the the film.

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You can always go back and start again if you happen to do something wrong, Jamo DVR-50 if you wish to enter the Setup menu and edit it. When the Jamo logo appears on the main screen, press the SETUP button on your remote control, and a menu will appear with the available options.

JAMO is a high-tech audio collaborative that crafts easy to use speakers that sound fantastic and accent your home decor. JAMO IS Jamo DVR-50 FOR LIFE. Design The core of our Jamo 2F solutions, the incredible DVR 50 houses a digital amplifier, AM/FM RDS radio, DVD/CD player and digital surround-sound.

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