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  • DAEWOO KR21S7N manual, KR21S7N user guide
  • DAEWOO таблиця МОДЕЛЬ-ШАСІ частина 4 –
  • Daewoo 2 Driver Group: updated 4/7/
  • 2016 Daewoo 2 Driver Group
  • Datasheet archive on 28-12-2008

M If anything goes wrong, don't try any fix it yourself, get a qualified service agent to look at it. M The appliance is not intended for use by young children or infirm persons without supervision; M Young children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play Daewoo KR21S7N the appliance. You can select a desired Selectable picture and selectable sound: Allows one-touch selection of your favorite picture quality and tone quality.

Daewoo KR21S7N Manuals

Turns on the TV automatically at a preset time. Insert the batteries supplied two 1. Used batteries should be disposed of properly.

If you are located in a Daewoo KR21S7N strong area, you will be able to use the indoor aerial. When using an outdoor aerial, it is usually connected to the set by means of 75 ohm coaxial cable. The set will be turn on.

If not, press either: Daewoo KR21S7N If broadcasting signal is not present for 30 minutes, the TV will automatically turn off after about 30 minutes. However, if the Sleep time is operating, it takes precedence.

Please wait until the EDIT menu appears. The screen will change according to the selected program number.

Daewoo 2 Driver Group: updated 4/7/

Manual Channel Tuning Choose a starting point - Select with " Program " the program from which you want to start manual tuning. Then the program number, the frequency, the name and the program number of this program are displayed in the install menu. Channel searching - Select the "Freqency" function. You can directly locate a program by entering the data into the "Program" or the "Frequency" function. Perform fine tuning - If you are unable to get a good picture or reasonable quality sound due to poor reception, it is possible to perform fine tuning. Store program in memory - Select the "Store to" function. This function Daewoo KR21S7N also be used if you want to copy a program Daewoo KR21S7N memorised to another program number.

Datasheet archive on 28-12-2008

You can change an existing name, or enter a name where none exists. Daewoo Krnt Monitors Driver Download.


Daewoo Krn Monitors Driver Download. Daewoo Krfl Monitors Driver Download. Daewoo Krmt Monitors Driver Download.


Daewoo KR21S7N Daewoo Krz Monitors Driver Download. Daewoo Kr20v4ts Monitors Driver Download. Daewoo Kr20u3t Monitors Driver Download. Daewoo Kr20u2t Monitors Driver Download.

Introduction Othello is a two player strategy game. Othello is player on an 8 x 8 square board, one Daewoo KR21S7N white while the other taking black. The object of Othello is to flip as many of your opponents discs to your color as possible without opponent flipping your discs. The Rules The initial configuration, before the game starts, is: Black starts playing first. Each player puts one disc on the board at each turn, unless: The game ends when no plaer can move, and the one who has the most discs of his own colors has won. Now how to put Daewoo KR21S7N disc on the board?

Пульт для DAEWOO R-49C07

The idea is one can put a disc of his own color at a square, if and only if there is at least one disc of the opposite color immediately surrounding it, and at the extension of this line there is a disc of his own color. For example, at the beginning of the game, black can play at Daewoo KR21S7N following squares marked with an X: How to Play 1. Select Opponent This option allow you to choice opponent.


If you choose Man vs Man, game start directly. Daewoo KR21S7N to your choice: Select your opponent: MENU 3. Daewoo KR21S7N Pdf User Manuals.

Daewoo KR21S7N View online or download Daewoo KR21S7N Instruction Manual. If you are looking for the instruction manual: TV/ Television DAEWOO KR21S7N - you have come to the right place. On this page you can download it for free.

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