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If an DCS S805 Payment Date is not a business day, payment will be made on the next business day immediately following such day, but no additional interest will accrue as a result of the delayed payment. However, if the applicable Final Share Price is less than the applicable Initial Share Price and the closing price of the applicable Reference Stock on any day. Based on current market conditions, in determining our reporting responsibilities we intend to treat the notes for U.

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DCS S805 purchasing the notes, you agree DCS S805 the absence of an administrative determination or judicial ruling to the contrary to follow this treatment and the allocations described in the following paragraph. While it is not clear whether the notes would be viewed as similar to the typical prepaid forward contract described in the notice, it is possible that any Treasury regulations or other guidance promulgated after consideration of these issues could materially and adversely affect the tax consequences of an investment in the notes, possibly with retroactive effect.

The notice focuses on a number of issues, the most relevant of which for holders of the notes are the character of income or loss including whether the Put Premium DCS S805 be currently included as ordinary income and the degree, if any, to which income realized by Non-U. Holders should be subject to withholding tax.

We will determine the portion of each interest payment on the notes that we will allocate to interest on the Deposit and to Put Premium, respectively, and will provide that allocation in the pricing supplement for the notes. The actual allocations that we will determine for the notes may differ from these hypothetical allocations, and will depend upon a variety of factors, including actual market conditions and our borrowing costs for debt instruments of comparable maturities on the Pricing Date. Assuming that the treatment of the notes as units each comprising a Put Option and a Deposit is respected, amounts treated as interest on the Deposit will be taxed as ordinary income, while the Put Premium will not be taken into account prior to maturity or sale.

Both U. Holders should consult their tax advisers regarding all aspects of the U. Purchasers who are not initial purchasers of notes at the issue price should also consult their tax advisers with respect to the tax consequences of an investment in the notes, including possible alternative treatments, as DCS S805 as the allocation of the purchase price of the notes between the Deposit and the Put Option. Holders - Additional Tax Consideration. While significant aspects of the application of these proposed regulations to the notes are uncertain, if these proposed regulations were finalized in their current form, we or other withholding agents might determine that withholding is required with respect to notes held by a Non-U. Holder or that the Non-U. Holder must provide information to establish that withholding is not required. Holders should consult their tax advisers regarding the potential application of these proposed regulations.

If withholding is so required, we will not be required to pay any additional amounts with respect to amounts so withheld. Selected Risk Considerations.

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An investment in the notes involves significant risks. Investing in the notes is not equivalent to investing directly in any of the Reference Stocks. The payment at maturity will be based on the applicable Final Share Price and whether the closing price of the applicable Reference Stock DCS S805 less than the applicable Initial Share Price by more than the applicable Buffer Amount on any day during the Monitoring Period.


Under certain circumstances, you will receive at maturity a number of shares of the applicable Reference Stock equal to the Physical Delivery Amount or, at our election, the Cash Value thereof. The market value of the shares of the applicable DCS S805 Stock delivered to you as the Physical Delivery Amount or the Cash Value thereof will most likely be less than the principal amount of your notes and may be DCS S805. Accordingly, you could lose up to the entire principal amount of your notes.

We refer to this feature as a contingent buffer. You will be subject to this potential loss of principal even if the closing price of the applicable Reference DCS S805 subsequently recovers such that the closing price of the applicable Reference Stock is not less than its Initial Share Price by more than its Buffer Amount. If these notes had a non-contingent buffer feature, under the same scenario, you would have received the full principal amount of your notes plus accrued and unpaid interest at maturity.

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As a result, your investment in the notes may not perform as well as an investment in a security with a return that includes a non-contingent buffer. Any actual or potential change in our creditworthiness or credit spreads, as determined by the market for taking our credit risk, is likely to adversely affect the DCS S805 of the notes. Download DCS DCS S driver for Sound card, different software versions available here. Download all Sound card drivers by DCS instantly, with direct download. 05/02/01, DCS DCS S PCI Sound Card, Win 95, Win NT 05/02/01, DCS DCS.

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