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Enter a different range and try again. More Choices Available. Upcoming Shows Friday, July All rights reserved. While system power is primarily determined by how logic is utilized and how fast it is clocked, the selection of power components has a substantial impact on the efficiency of Dallas MAX1494 supply systems and, as a consequence, on overall power consumption.

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I Through an understanding of the interdependencies of power systems, developers can include power considerations in the early stages of design that will simplify power supply design and maximize the power efficiency of the final architecture. Industry expert Nicholas Cravotta explores the key issues behind managing power in FPGA-based high performance systems, including: — How to efficiently and cost-effectively supply all of the different voltages an FPGA requires — Designing flexible power supply systems that can accommodate the power differences between FPGA devices - even those within a single product family - in order to enable efficient scaling of device architectures without a power subsystem redesign — How to increase power utilization through power sequencing, limiting the rate of current change, and synchronization mechanisms Dallas MAX1494 Understanding the impact of temperature on power utilization and how to manage and reduce power dissipation to result in overall higher system reliability To read this case study, go to avnet.

The recommended power supply solutions feature voltage Dallas MAX1494, voltage supervisors and voltage references. Learn more at avnet. Connect the instrument to a long, unterminated trace, and it blasts into the trace one very quick, precise rising edge. By analyzing the signal that reflects back from the trace, you can deduce the trace impedance. Some instruments provide averaging capabilities to help reduce the noise floor during particularly fast measurements.

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In the usual setup, a TDR instru- ment uses only the first few nanosec- onds of your Dallas MAX1494 signal. After the initial step edge propagates to the far end of the unterminated trace, it bounces and returns to the instru- ment, corrupting further readings of characteristic impedance. Figure 1 illustrates the typical result. The top curve TDR, in red illustrates the sig- nal you typically observe at the front end of a pc-board trace. You calculate the lower plot blue, offset below for visual clarity from the TDR plot.

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It is the step response of the S'parameter function, S 1 1. The Sll step response shows only the signal reflect- Dallas MAX1494 from the trace, in the absence of the outgoing signal. Subtracting unity accomplishes this reduction. The Sll step response displays a pedestal, from whose amplitude you may deduce the effective trace imped- ance over a scale of time of 1 nsec or so.


After the pedestal, this Sll step response also displays a gentle upward tilt. This tilt is the Dallas MAX1494 of a trace marred by significant amounts of skin- effect loss. Engineers usually consider the sec- ond edge the end of usable data in a TDR waveform. Even though the lat- ter stages of Dallas MAX1494 waveform contain a wealth of information about trace loss and impedance, these details are hid- den from view — unless you learn to see beyond that second edge. Here is the catch: You must make two measurements, not one.

Make the first measurement as usual, with the trace open-circuited at the far end. Make the second measurement with the trace shorted to ground at the far end. Dallas MAX1494, convert both measurements to the frequency domain using an EFT If you are unfamiliar with EFT cal- culations, look up the "EFT window- ing functions" in your instrument's help screens.

Dallas MAX1494 The time-domain Dallas MAX1494 dow exists to chop off the truly unus- able negative edge of your pulse gen- erator in a graceful way without induc- ing other undesirable side effects, such as wiggles in the frequency-domain output. It sometimes helps to differ- entiate the waveform before window- ing and then patch it up later in fre- quency-domain form.

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Howard Johnson, PhD, of Signal Con- Dallas MAX1494, frequently conducts technical workshops for digital engineers at Oxford University and other sites worldwide. Visit his Weh site at www.

All this in a production-proven 90nm FPGA with a density range up to 1. Optimized for gate-centric designs, and offering the lowest cost per logic cell in the industry, Spartan-3E FPGAs make it easy to replace your ASIC with a Dallas MAX1494 flexible, faster-to-market solution.


Compare the value for yourself. The eight employment changes IVe experienced include one resignation and two incidents in which I managed Dallas MAX1494 lay myself off. Both were plant closures, I was sold, along with the furniture and facilities, on the other five occasions. It will take Dallas MAX1494 while before the dust with it, and intended to stay indefi- settles and we really understand our sit- uations with our new ownership.

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But, based on past experience, I expect to benefit from the change- Each of the previous changes has exposed me to product types and design challenges I'd never before encountered, resulting in a relatively wide range of engineering experience that has worked to my ben- efit- It keeps life interesting. But you need to have the right attitude to go through these changes without damage- The first time a company leaves you, or asks you to leave, you might find that your feelings are hurt- Dallas MAX1494 all, you carefully chose this company, identified nitely- In the '50s and '60s, it was not at all unusual to encounter engineers who were about to retire after working 45 years for the same company.

That situation is becoming unusual, Dallas MAX1494 least in the private sector. The MAX/MAX low-power, and digit, analog-to-digital For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct!


at. The MAX EV kit provides Dallas MAX1494 proven PC board layout to facilitate For pricing, delivery, and ordering information, please contact Maxim/Dallas Direct! at.

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