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AVLAB 1006-0073-000A DRIVER

Add Avlab 1006-0073-000A, "Transwitch Corp. Add 0xC, "Retix Corp. Add 0xD, "G2 Networks Inc. Add 0xF, "Tateno Dennou Inc. Add 0x, "Sord Computer Corp. Add 0x, "Media Reality Technology" ; mVendors.

Add 0x, "Rhetorex Inc. Add 0x, "Imagenation Corp. Add 0x, "Kofax Image Products" ; mVendors. Add 0x, "Shuttle Computer" Avlab 1006-0073-000A mVendors. Add 0x, "Spellcaster Telecommunications Inc.

Add 0x, "Knowledge Technology Laboratories" ; mVendors. Add 0xB, "Image Access" ; mVendors.

Add 0xE, "Victor Co. Add 0x12A0, "Allen Bradley Co. Add 0x12A1, "Simpact Inc" ; mVendors.

Pcidevs Network Interface Controller Advanced Micro Devices

Add 0x12A5, "Vision Dynamics Ltd. Add 0x12A6, "Scalable Networks Inc. Add 0x12A8, "News Datacom" ; mVendors. Add Avlab 1006-0073-000A, "Xiotech Corp. Add 0x12B0, "Jorge Scientific Corp. Add 0x12B1, "GammaLink" ; mVendors.

【USB】全球USB厂家 USB ID大全。更新时间:2017-07-29

Add 0x12B3, "Inter-Face Co. Add 0x12B4, "Future Tel Inc. Add 0x12B5, Avlab 1006-0073-000A Systems Inc. Add 0x12B7, "Acumen" ; mVendors. Add 0x12B8, "Korg" ; mVendors. Add 0x12B9, "3Com Corporation" ; mVendors.

[PATCH 1/3] staging: usbip: userspace: remove usb.ids file

Add 0x12BD, "Computerm Corp. Add 0x12C0, "Infimed" ; mVendors. Avlab 1006-0073-000A 0x12C2, "Mentec Ltd. Add 0x12C3, "Holtek Microelectronics Inc. Add 0x12C4, "Connect Tech Inc. Add 0x12C5, "Picture Elements Inc. Add 0x12C6, "Mitani Corp. Add 0x12C7, "Dialogic Corp. Add 0x12C8, "G Force Co. Add 0x12C9, "Gigi Operations" ; mVendors.

Add 0x12CE, "Netspeed Inc. Add 0x12D1, "PsiTech" ; mVendors. Add 0x12D4, "Ulticom, Inc. Add 0x12D5, "Equator Technologies" ; mVendors.

# - pu: package usbutils/squeeze1 - Debian Bug report logs

Add 0x12D6, "Analogic Corp. Add 0x12D8, "Pericom Semiconductor" ; mVendors.

  • Commit: b4fe3ff1feba9aa - kernel (git) - OSDN
  • Log of /ldetect-lst/branches/2/lst/usb.ids
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Add 0x12D9, "Aculab Plc. Add 0x12E1, "Nintendo Co. Add 0x12E2, "Datum Inc.

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Bancomm-Timing Division" ; mVendors. Add 0x12E3, "Imation Corp. Add 0x12E4, "Brooktrout Technology Inc. AVLAB Technology driver. AVLAB Technology Storage Drivers. This site hfdrive, A driver, sata4r_vzip [more], Windows 98SE. Download AVLAB Technology Windows Drivers Free. Use the list below to find the Avlab 1006-0073-000A AVLAB Technology Windows driver. A Driver.

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