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So I opened your January Lab Report in anticipation of seeing how the Intel laptops were doing compared to the G3 laptops. To my astonishment, Sean Carruthers didn't even review the G3 laptops. Peter no last name given TCP replies: A coltpleofpoints.

First, ifall they need isto do some word processing aild occasionally sttif the Internet, ais hardly useless. Giving it a basic tune-up by nmning ScanDisk and defragmenting the Aus Linx AL-7010CF drive and buying a few inexpensive upgrades inore RAM, a faster modem, and a bigger hard drive i f storage space Aus Linx AL-7010CF a problem will improve perfonnance. However, the important thittg to retnember is that the CPU alone doesnot determine perfonnance.


Take a G3 for a spin and learn something. Bill Havens TCP Aus Linx AL-7010CF We included a standalone review of theG3 notebook when itwas first released. And one ofTCP's hicky departments Aus Linx AL-7010CF editorial does have aG3 portable, so we have indeed taken it for a spin. I f people want to go with Apple, and want the best portable, there's very little else to decide. A G3 PowerBook is it. If people want a notebook that nms Wiildows, however, the decision on what' s best to buy is not nearly so clear-cut. However, we do acknowledge your concern that Apple computers are not beinggiven tlleir due.

03 The Computer Paper - BC Edition by The Computer Paper - Issuu

You' ll be happy to note that weinchtde a new iMac in this month's Lab Report on mid-range systems, evetr though the test suite we cunently use cannot. It's time ttL. I just bought a Toshiba laptop that I couldn't be more pleased Aus Linx AL-7010CF. I do have a concern about battery life, however.

I rarely use my computer when it is not connected to a wall socket and was wondering: TCP replies: When we put the question to Toshiba of Canada, we received Aus Linx AL-7010CF foliowing respotlse: Toshiba recomm ends that batteries should be Aus Linx AL-7010CF discharged oilce every two weeks to extend the life of the battery. Or, as Mr. They don't know when tltey are going to 'unplug' and go mobile and therefore want their battery charged and ready to go at any time. In these cases,try to drain the battery completelyevery two weeks as already noted.

They don't want to spend a whole lot of money because they did that five years ago on theirwhich is now useless, They are looking at a colnputer that has an Intel Ceieron A I am assuming that the "A" means it has on-board. For their purposes of word processing, the occasional game and browsing the Internet I think that it is enough. Is it worth them buying this Aus Linx AL-7010CF or should.

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Wildfire offers voice recolnltlon Voice recognition technology has been hovering on the edge of the mainstream for over a year now, since the unveiling of the latest generation of speech input software from. The company gave TCP a demonstration that can recognize a caller specifying "yes" or they would work with a human receptionist. The service also answersthe some parts of Canada, users of regular tele- Corp. The new Wildfire Electronic Assistant officephone and can recognize specifted phone services may have noticed the begin- service is designed to allow business sub- important callers, It also recognizes Aus Linx AL-7010CF wide nings of voice recognition-based phone scribers to "converse" interactively with an range of user's commands and questions, directory services, in the form of features electronic assistant in much the same way and is optimized for cell phone users.

The technology is quite brilliant, and worth considering for anyone who conducts business on the go. The new printer includes an onboard.

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After snapping your digital pictures, you need only to take the memory card out of the camera, place it in the slot on the printer and press a single button. A simple menu system allows you to p age through the images and do Aus Linx AL-7010CF cropping. Another innovative feature is the print. Images stored on a Zip cartridge can be printed directly from the Jetprinter. As well, the printer Aus Linx AL-7010CF a utility that allows images to be transferred from memory cards directly onta a blank Zip disk — without requiring a computer for file transfer. Gf caurse, the Jetprinter can be connected to a computer, where it functions hke a. Easy to use.


Designed to work smoothtg with no compromise in qualitg or performance. Its new. Thinkpaxi as ha ving, a',2'. DedicatedAccessmeansyou' re on-line all the time Gua. Plus you' ll Aus Linx AL-7010CF up to g, NN on set-up fees. Netcom offers a full range ofsophisticated reliable Internet services no matter what the size ofyour business.

IntenetGumnnteet Netcom givesyou the Internet risk free. If you aren't completely satisfied after 30 days,cancel without penalty.

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