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This process is shown in Fig. Again, data acquired in each coil ANSAR Aspire 4820 the array black circles are fit to the ACS line gray circles. However, as can be seen, data from multiple lines from all coils are used to fit an ACS line in a single coil, in this case an ACS line from coil 4. This fit gives the weights which can then be used to generate ANSAR Aspire 4820 missing lines from that coil. Once all of the lines are reconstructed for a particular coil, a Fourier transform can be used to generate the uncombined image for that coil. Once this process is repeated for each coil of the array, the full set of uncombined images can be obtained, which can then be combined using a normal sum of squares reconstruction. In this case, four acquired lines are used to fit a single ACS line in coil 4.

In GRAPPA, a block is defined as a single ANSAR Aspire 4820 line plus the missing lines adjacent to that line, as shown on the right for an acceleration factor of two. In this case, n j,b,l,m represents the weights used in this now expanded linear combination. In this linear combination, the index l counts through the individual coils, while the index b counts through the individual reconstruction blocks. This process is repeated for each coil in the array, resulting in L uncombined single coil images which can then be combined using a conventional sum of squares reconstruction 1 or any other optimal array combination The use of more than one block in Eq. By using more blocks of data to fit each missing line, GRAPPA incorporates more information into each reconstructed line, resulting in a substantially improved fit. However, in most cases the combination in Eq.

In our experience, we have found that reconstructions using various numbers of blocks from four to eight result in essentially the same reconstruction quality.

This truncation of the number of terms results in a more stable reconstruction in the presence of noise compared to an exact reconstruction using all acquired blocks in each reconstruction. Additionally, ANSAR Aspire 4820 truncated linear combination offers a more computationally efficient, yet still high quality, reconstruction, as shown below. In order to perform the reconstruction in Eq. The blockwise reconstruction given above has been implemented using a sliding block approach.

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For example, when using four blocks for the ANSAR Aspire 4820 i. In GRAPPA, each possible reconstruction is performed for each unacquired line, resulting in multiple possible reconstructions for each line. These lines are then combined in a weighted average to form the final reconstructed line, providing a robust reconstruction of ANSAR Aspire 4820 missing line. Figure 3 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint In a sliding block reconstruction, more than one reconstruction is possible for each missing line.

Two of the four possible reconstructions for this missing line are shown. The sliding block approach introduces the problem of ANSAR Aspire 4820 to combine or optimally choose from the different reconstructions.

In the images shown throughout this article, a weighted average is used to obtain the final reconstruction. Several different possibilities for performing this weighted average of the different ANSAR Aspire 4820 block reconstructions were tested, including the goodness of fit for a particular reconstructed line and the SNR resulting from the reconstruction of the line, given by the normalization of the weights used for each particular reconstruction 4. While both of these criteria work in practice, the latter is preferred and used throughout this study, since in most cases where the SNR is poor for a given line the fit is also ANSAR Aspire 4820 poor. Therefore, this method of weighting gives a reconstruction which attempts to produce both high SNR and low artifacts and has been shown to provide good results.

No phasing information is required. Finally, as has been shown previously by others 1217 - 19an approach using an extended blockwise reconstruction can lead to dramatic reductions in image artifact power compared to previous implementations. As implemented, the user is free to decide the number of blocks to use in each reconstruction.


As mentioned above, in our experience the numbers of blocks in the range of four to eight showed similar good results. Therefore, four blocks were used in each reconstruction for simplicity and to minimize computational complexity of ANSAR Aspire 4820 reconstruction; however, as mentioned above, images with more blocks showed essentially the same image quality.

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These coil sensitivities ANSAR Aspire 4820 then used with an image from a standard resolution phantom to generate several datasets with reduced encoding to determine the SNR performance of the GRAPPA technique at various acceleration factors. SNR was estimated using multiple reconstructions of a phantom image each with different additive noise. Informed consent was obtained before each study. Volunteers were scanned using a 1.

Four elements are contained in a rigid frame which is placed on the scanner bed, while the upper four elements are flexible and were bent to fit each volunteer individually. Processor: Intel Core i3 M, ANSAR Aspire 4820 Core i3 M, Intel Core i5 M, Intel Core i7 M.

Acer Aspire TG. Acer Aspire g: ANSAR. Aspire TG. Product Support for. Aspire TG.


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