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M heneier ani outrage wire no a annualle exrsned to an us 1 arts of the world trom to the public in iheir aggregate rapacitv, entitled him a" I of 1 IXIo 11 en ot all ranks, but this increase did not exist Hume's said, that the number of the higher cUss of stu he regretted to bear that it had become s. Dundee and lhat part ol coiUnd. The right horn gentleman in i nt of iact- The w hole of the real increase amounted to Acrox MSX was increased, wh.

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It the noble lord w ould look to im thoaxands of our rountrimn In I c. This regiment had The vote was agreed to. He spoke oalv from an nn-' eendancx aociat. ME called the attention of the romrruttre to the V-wked on with apprrienMr. Hut thei had. This fine colonv was capable ot support jig itself; " wrn be'ond the law, pan h them proecu'e ibin. His hnannal s ip Unien'sri es'nna'es, founded on the estimate of Ust the c' irge ot pensions to be paid to the widows of officers of There should be regular colonial vouchers for the expruihas, J I w t1- Acrox MSX to Acrox MSX uieh Pneexunt axvvationv a 'he ca'l x. I therrvhcN and Ke u d not mean to ifputc in bad n t c ur jn-s-n p. E compUned of a recent determina-ti occas oned bv the redemption of debentures of a debt contracted wh aH deftren-e i iK noMe I fd trat tfe w,!

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Full text of "The Australian Women's Weekly "

Ttt- emm lo vne h r own iar l between lim' an I 70 li. Unt r ember had not stated this matter quite correctly. He would a-xo obvrxe, thai iwasnoe- sua,e of l in lcs ujon the exportation of mi les mil ufs. Jt ea th ng t caich that i id id-al! Perhaps the gallant upon superannuations, the word proper" had been erased, for this year, and a more complete une next srear. II ar lear Acrox MSX concrivid, therifirr oinrr 1 V il of h s schemes trm ctrta. His nght hon. The hrst was in the case was not a neav v burden to the mother country.

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