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It's terrible quality and it takes great effort to find a position where it transmits sound to both ears.

If it's sitting in place it's bearable, but if it's in my lap and I so much as tap my leg, the sound jumps in and out. It makes listening to music on the go unbearable. Samsung NP350U2A Notebook Eco Mode one star for it. I was looking for a lightweight laptop with quality construction that would be able to run programs like SolidWorks and play HD video--no games.

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With this laptop, I found exactly what I was looking for. The great part about this laptop is that all the components are really exceptional--except for the hard drive, which is crap. But see, that's precisely what I had hoped to find.

When the hard drive is so awful, I didn't feel like I paid extra for a good component that I had intended to replace from the start. I went with a Crucial M4 GB as the replacement drive. The standard voltage processor keeps programs running smoothly and the SSD makes programs load instantly. Temps stay low with no fan activity so it's totally silent. If you're just using the internet and playing music, it doesn't get above room temp. Next I'll outline some key features in no Samsung NP350U2A Notebook Eco Mode order. Same resolution but it doesn't look as crisp or colorful as the Mac--it's not a huge difference, but I noticed it when making the transition.


I don't notice it anymore unless I have them side by side. Maybe it's the glossy screen vs. The screen doesn't match the maximum brightness or the range of brightness available to the Mac. So, it's not a bad screen, but it could be better.

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The screen doesn't feel flimsy and the lack of a large bezel really makes the laptop look fantastic. Some laptops I've seen in stores feel like they're made of plastic and I hate it. I don't get that with this one. I'm 6'4 with big hands, so you'll probably be okay. Samsung NP350U2A Notebook Eco Mode feel responsive when pressed--it's almost exactly the same look, feel, and size of the keyboard on a similarly sized Macbook Pro.

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No backlight on the keys. I've seen worse on laptops, but the Mac's trackpad is significantly better than the one on this laptop. The laptop has drivers to allow for the same sort of "gestures" 2-finger scroll, 3-finger back but it's not nearly as smooth as what I'm used to. I'm so glad it includes gestures though.

It really does make everything significantly easier, even if the implementation has room for improvement. Sometimes the trackpad doesn't detect my finger when I try to move the cursor. Same thing happens sometimes when I try to highlight a large section of text.

The trackpad loses the position of my finger and the highlighting stops short of where I want it to be. It doesn't happen if I consciously press harder on the trackpad, but in normal use it happens enough to be annoying.

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The trackpad is this laptop's major flaw, but Samsung NP350U2A Notebook Eco Mode by comparison to the Mac. By itself it's not a dealbreaker. Perfect opportunity to replace with a SSD. I really can't emphasize enough how much of a difference the SSD makes. The included hard drive is dead weight in this system and it really drags it down. You need a good replacement to unleash this laptop's potential. Read up on proper care of solid state drives if you're considering replacing the hard drive.

The gaming computer will always outperform this laptop in games, editing software, and the like. I think that's pretty cool. I don't play games on it, but SolidWorks runs great and video is smooth as silk. Samsung NP350U2A Notebook Eco Mode Download Samsung NPU2A Notebook Eco Mode Software for Windows 7 (Other Drivers & Tools). Get access to helpful solutions, how-to guides, owners' manuals, and product specifications for your Series 3 Notebook NPU2A from Samsung US Support.

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