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I am trying to format it and the 2 ways in Samsung NP500P4C Notebook Easy Settings I have tried, do not work. I am trying to locate Samsung recovery on start programs but cant find it. Backup and Restore HDD lost partition recovery related problem Samsung HDuj 1TB Hello all, I am trying to find ways to recover all of my important data from my hard drive which was not working suddenly.

After several attempts of recoveries, I have decided to buy a same HDD because it didn't even appear on disk management. And I replaced a board of that on my old drive So you look for your original firmware installer, which is P05RAA. However, you were unable to extract the rom file from this official installer because it only runs on Windows 7 and you already upgraded to Windows 10 which is the reason why you were enticed to convert the partition table to GPT from MBR Samsung NP500P4C Notebook Easy Settings ditch Legacy boot for UEFI in the first place. For the time being you settled on manually flashing with the P06RAA rom because that runs on Windows 10, and then using the official flashing utility to flash the P07RAA again.

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You will need Windows 7 to run again on this laptop to do that, and you cannot install Windows 7 because you know that after switching to UEFI boot, booting to an installer comes after Windows Boot Manager in boot priority. But at Samsung NP500P4C Notebook Easy Settings point, you learn that Samsung has a history of not giving a shit about this. Because, who on earth dual boots anyway?

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You are lost and defeated. You muck around with bcdedit on Windows and efibootmgr on Ubuntu.

Samsung Settings

The latter was a bad idea. When lost, stop what you are doing and sleep.

Using bcdedit on Windows, you can see the entries on the Boot Configuration Data. Using efibootmgr, you cannot. You are weirded out about this.

So you tried to recreate the bcd using efibootmgr. You feel uncomfortable about what you did, so on next reboot, you pressed F4 to boot to Windows recovery. Possibly issue a bootrec. But it was 4 a. The next time you powered up the laptop was fun.

It then halts, and reboots doing the same thing. Screwed as you are, you get the screwdrivers out, literally.

The first thing to get unscrewed was the laptop hard disk. The next thing that got unscrewed is everything that has screws on the laptop.

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