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The text used for the programming information is reasonably large, so it's easy to read from a distance even on this TV's relatively small screen.

Naturally there are Now and Next banners that you can call up instead of opening the full guide, and there's also an Info banner to give you information about Samsung UE32EH5000K LED TV current show you're tuned too. One slight annoyance with the Info banner is that it doesn't show you the full summary of the show.

Instead, it only displays one line of the summary and you have to press the red button on the remote to open a box showing the full text. Samsung UE32EH5000K LED TV most other sets you can view this information with a single button press, rather than the two you have to use here.

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Still, it's a slight niggle rather than a major problem. In fact it looks much more like a traditional LCD display when you take it out of the box, simply because the chassis is so deep -- it extends back from the front of the screen by a full 94mm.


It is slimmer at the edges, but overall it's a bulbous set. It feels quite plasticky too, especially the pedestal stand which is fixed and doesn't swivel. Annoyingly this set only has two HDMI ports, whereas most other manufacturers offer three ports Samsung UE32EH5000K LED TV their inch models.


You might think from this description that it's ugly, but actually that's not the case. When it's viewed from the front it's got a relatively slim bezel and also a nice looking angular section at the bottom that funnels down towards the stand. This model only has two HDMI ports. The whole thing is well presented, however, and the black levels and overall brightness of the picture if not the detail within Samsung UE32EH5000K LED TV absolute terms definitely punch above their weight for other TVs around this price. Just be careful with the controls — there are brightness and backlight controls, and it's all about finding that balance between them.

Whack them up too high and, yes, the picture will be punchy — but it'll also blow all the detail out of the light areas. The programme guide is easy to use, Samsung UE32EH5000K LED TV, although it would be nice if it alerted the user to HD versions of standard-def broadcasts when choosing them, as some other sets do.

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Black detail in high-def is an improvement on its lower-resolution cousin and flesh-tones are more convincing, too. The Samsung never quite manages to get the colour balance right — again, there are those reds and greens to try to tame — and there can occasionally be a waxy quality to Samsung UE32EH5000K LED TV tones, but that's quibbling a little here. Sound quality Since you probably won't be hooking this TV up to a full-on surround speaker system, let's pause for a second to talk about its sound.

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Well, it's a flat-screen — so don't go expecting trouser-flapping bass. It isn't awful by the standards of its class, though — there's Samsung UE32EH5000K LED TV weight than you might expect, dialogue is clear and, while it's pretty devoid of finesse, it does the job.

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There are five sound modes, plus an EQ, so it should be pretty easy to strike a balance you like. You could do a heck of a lot worse for this money. We love the fact Samsung UE32EH5000K LED TV Samsung has clearly really put some effort into making the EH's picture as good as it can be within its budget constraints, at the expense of headline-grabbing bells and whistles. That's laudable — but we can't help wanting something a little extra.

It's not a big thing, but the inclusion of BBC iPlayer at least would've really put a grin on our faces. The UE32EHK doesn't have the usual raft of smart features you usually get on Samsung's TVs, for instance. There's no BBC iPlayer.

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