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MSI WinProducer Software Evaluation This content was originally featured on Amdmb. Some color changes and flaws may appear. Bundled software is often a deciding factor when buying a retail box.

The MSI TiSE box comes loaded with a large variety software ranging from desktop security, to backup software, to games. In total, there are 10 CDs worth, MSI WinProducer how much of it is actually MSI WinProducer and how much can we classify as "bloat"". However, does this software do anything to assist the user in their computer navigation? I installed the desktop software onto my computer and after a reboot, started to play around with it. The idea is that the user is a person walking around a house complete with a fountain, and two floors. Shortcuts to your applications, websites, games, and documents are all found somewhere in this house. You access your information by walking up to the icon or 3D widget and click on it.


In addition to these shortcuts, there are also 2 games called "Crime Alley" and "Target Practice" which are essentially the same game but with different graphics. Walking MSI WinProducer the house doing your operations, though novel at first, wears thin quickly.

Soon you find that it just takes too long to walk around the house and simpler to just put all the shortcuts in one location in the house -- which is something a normal 2D desktop does already. This software MSI WinProducer like a gimmick that does little to improve productivity, but MSI WinProducer sure there some of you out there who will think it's neat. E-Color - Gamma correction software. ThinSoft Be Twin - A thin client-server application. I will not talk about DirectX or Acrobat since they are self-explanatory. You just set your settings and apply - nothing fancy. I only wish they included hardware monitoring somewhere withing the driver's properties control panel so they can do away with the whole "3D Experience" tool as you will see next.

MSI WinProducer Patch File Driver - TechSpot

In testing this card, I encountered no stability issues with the bundled drivers which is a good thing for those people who have other priorities. MSI 3D Experience In today's market overclocking is a popular idea and vendors include these MSI WinProducer in their packages to entice enthusiasts and the curious. MSI included their tool called "MSI 3D Experience" which is an unusual name for an application that controls the card's voltage, frequency, and monitors temperature. I was curiously surprised when I discovered that this wasn't a traditional stand-alone application, but a Macromedia Flash multimedia application that controls the different aspects of the videocard. The interface shows various dials, and bars indicating your different settings.

By activating a switch, you can adjust levels. The application itself does the job, but it feels terribly unpolished and too "fancy" for its own good. The temperature and voltage monitor does not work with any MSI driver I've tested. Another problem with this utility is that it does not minimize to the system tray or display any useful information when minimized. So if you want some sort of indication of how your hardware is overclocked or see your current videocard temperature, you either have to keep the application maximized on your screen or re-launch it each time you want your information. You are probably better off using the overclocking tool integrated with the MSI driver or using a 3rd party tool. The program would connect to the MSI website and query their MSI WinProducer database for any updated files.

You then have the option of installing them onto your system through the Live Update interface. This is probably one of the more useful utilities included in the bundle.

For those of you who don't want to worry about monitoring websites for updates you will find this very practical. The interface is very clean and straightforward MSI WinProducer configure.

I only wish this program updates the user on other possible fixes such as the WinProducer patch for MSI cards. This program is strictly for finding BIOS files and drivers and any other software updates the user will have to do on their own. MSI WinProducer


While it was running, I did not experience any performance increase or any tangible improvements even after doing a "memory clear" or "optimize" operations. Though this kind of utility may appeal to some of you, it's always MSI WinProducer to let the operating system manage its own memory. The OS caches files and does its own optimizations, so letting a 3rd party application clear this RAM space or do its own optimzations is generally MSI WinProducer a good idea. It may actually do more harm than good, but is something I couldn't immediately conclude in testing this particular software.

MSI LockBox LockBox is a little utility that locks your desktop from any interaction with the objective to deter individuals from using your computer while you are not there.

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By MSI WinProducer up a username and password with the program, you can lock and unlock the desktop using the system tray icon the program installs. This program does what it claims to do. I could see how this could be useful to some of you, but it wasn't immediately useful to me. This utility is pretty useful for quickly accessing hardware and software information. Having all this information in one place is a lot easier than digging through various Windows properties dialog boxes and menus.

MSI G4 Ti4200-TD64 graphics card - GF4 Ti 4200 - 64 MB Series

SecureDoc SecureDoc is a utility that encrypts or "locks" personal files from would-be information thieves, curious family members, or nosy co-workers. Once that is done, you can access your locked files or unlock files through a context-sensitive menu option that appears in your right mouse button menu. I've installed a GeForce4 Ti but when I try to install WinProducer from the bundle I get the following error: Load IPLib error. MSI WinProducer

Unable to find  winproducer not responding. Download MSI WinProducer Patch File. OS support: MSI WinProducer 98/Me//XP. Category: Graphics Cards.

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