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While you are on a call, you can mute the call, put the caller on cold and even answer a second call on Line In fact, I initiated a 2nd call Linksys WIP300 XXXX from another phone and I heard a series on tones on Linksys WIP300 ear-piece indicating a 2nd inbound call.


I was able to take that call which automatically put the first caller on hold. Simply by pressing the softkey button underneath "Switch" on the LCD caused it to toggle between the two calls. In addition, there are two types of transfer features available. You can use the Transfer feature when you want to introduce the caller you are transferring or you can use the Blind TFR Transfer feature when you want to transfer the caller without introduction. Profile of the phone: The next time it is powered on, it will use the first profile to automatically connect to the profile's wireless network.

If that Linksys WIP300 is not available, the IP Phone will try the next profile. This will continue until it has connected to a wireless network. You can also upgrade the firmware of the phone over an IP connection.

Perhaps they send me an early production model? Web browser The web browser is the Windows CE version. Entering in URLs using just a number pad is a bit of a Linksys WIP300, but with a little Linksys WIP300 I was able to quickly navigate some sites on the 2.

Although you can browse the web on the phone, really the browser's primary purpose is to allow you to logon to hotspots, hotel WiFi networks, and other WiFi networks that require Linksys WIP300 sort of Web-based authentication - often used to ask for billing info. I tested the browser and it worked pretty well, but you'll definitely want to add your commonly Linksys WIP300 sites to the Favorites, since I already stated, typing on the number pad is tedious. I couldn't figure out way to add a currently viewed webpage to Favorites.

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The toolbar didn't display an icon for adding the current page to Favorites which would make it much easier. Instead, I had to exit out of the browser, go to separate screen Linksys WIP300 manually type the URL. This is a pain considering how difficult it is to type a long URL along with special characters: When surfing the WIP, it has an auto-scroll feature so you don't have to repeatedly press the navigation button. You simply press and hold down the center selection key Linksys WIP300 two seconds until you see an orange navigation cursor. Then you can use the navigation pad to scroll up and down the webpage.

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To use the cursor as a page up and down button, you simply press and hold down the center selection key for an additional two seconds until the cursor turns blue with a "P" in the center and then use the navigation pad to move up and down the webpage. The phone had no problem acting as an extension on my Asterisk server, so I was able to make local and long distance calls as I normally would on a desktop IP phone. The Good The phone is small, lightweight, and would function well as a secondary IP phone. Sound quality was good on the call flow tests I made. The Bad Linksys WIP300 battery cover easily slid off when I handled the phone in my hand. The cover reminded Linksys WIP300 of one found on a TV remote control. The latching mechanism needs to be improved.

I put the call on hold from the WIP and dialed the other desk phone, then pressed the transfer soft key.

Linksys WIP300 Wi-Fi IP Phone Review

I answered the second desk phone. Audio only went only one way between the two desk phones.

A similar blind call transfer Linksys WIP300 from the desk phones went fine. Linksys WIP300 upgrade of the firmware 1. The version of Asterisk for this review is 1. The Linksys WIP does numerical dialing only.

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General Description. No Longer Available through distribution – EOL as Per Linksys.


The Linksys WIP phone is a 'candybar' Linksys WIP300 SIP WiFi phone that  ‎No Longer Available · ‎Outstanding Bugs · ‎Fixed Bugs · ‎Feature Requests. Configure your Linksys WIP with our easy to use Setup Guide and start saving money with VoIP Linksys WIP300.

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