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Corrections, questions, comments, additions to: Bruce Olson olsonw erols. I've decided to try Genius CR-802U with minimal HTML markup. Less text on a page, but first lines are easier to scan down with all other text indented.


This index Genius CR-802U was not designed, it just grew. I got very tired of thumbing through the volumes to relocate a text in which I had some interest, so decided to make a rudimentary Index. After I had it, I though I might as well throw in the Wood and Manchester collections for which I had made a contents list, and also the BL 'Book of Fortune' collection which I had seen many years earlier.

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After I had done that it seemed I might Genius CR-802U well put in everything else that I could find reasonably easy, and here it is. The biggest difficulty is in figuring out all the ways a word could be spelled in earlier centuries. While 17th century broadside Genius CR-802U is the main focus of this index, I've now added the 16th century ones.

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I have included only a few 'ballads' for which there is no evidence that they were meant to be sung, or there is no tune cited for them. Her index starting on p. I have also included the Genius CR-802U century garlands in the Roxburghe and Crawford Collections.


In the index here are also cited manuscript copies of several songs that were expanded into broadside ballads not previously known to be derived from earlier songs, e. Simpson obviously made a fairly complete index of broadside ballads, Genius CR-802U did not publish such, and some collections are now published that were not published at the time of publication of his work. He rarely mentioned broadside ballads whose tunes he couldn't discover, and this is a sizeable number. Most of the songs he cites in MS may now be seen in Genius CR-802U copies of the MSS, and many of these songs may also be found in other MSS which he did not cite. I have cross referenced Simpson's tune title usually only in the few cases where a tune title cannot be found in his index. I have skipped many of the political pieces given by Ebsworth in vols.

I have also skipped some political pieces and satirical social commentaries that are songs in 'Roxburghe Ballads'. Also not included are the political pieces in the Thomason and Luttrell collections, and in the Ashmole and some other small collections at the Bodleian Library available at the Bodleian Ballads website, see below. Searching by some serial numbers: Entries are coded with an arbitrary, but unique number, 'n', prefixed by ZN, ZNn and a terminator more about terminator belowto give ZNn. Cross references to this entry are the same without the Z prefix, Nn.

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A Search for Nn will leave out the main entry, ZNnbut will find any cross references to it. Stationers' Register entry dates are here added complete for 16th and 17th century broadside ballads, from H. Numbers as well as dates are given because titles sometime change, and also some ballads were entered only by first line. Don't trust the bald statement "Entered in xxxx"; there are many entries whose identification with a particular broadside ballad are questionable, but those by Rollins are usually good. With AI ZBn quoted, Genius CR-802U full entry quoted, you can satisfy yourself. Many ballads are noted as Child ballads, from Francis J. Child's numbers for them are coded as ZCn where 'n' is Child's number.

Many more broadside ballads became traditional, and those Genius CR-802U in the United States are cited by the code given by G. Those for Genius CR-802U traditional versions listed given by Laws are coded as ZLxnwhere 'x' is Laws letter designation and 'n' is his number.

Genius CR-802U Roud's folk song and broadside ballad indices. There is also a broadside ballad index by Steve Roud, in England, which is not yet comparable to this one for ballads prior tobut has many thousands of 18th and 19th century ballads, including later reprints of many here. He also has a comparable index of folksongs.

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The broadside ballads below that came to be traditional are cross-referenced by the 'Roud' number in his indices as 'Roud ZRn ', where 'n' is the Roud. Roud's indices are at present available only directly from him, now on a CD, and require the user to furnish his or her own database software. The format of the disks is such that they may be easily loaded into most popular PC software systems. Genius CR-802U may be contacted via e-mail at Roud supanet. Rollins' edition of selections from the Pepys collection above. While the texts are all in PBn above, Rollins' notes are excellent, except sometimes for tune identification.

I have skipped many political and satirical pieces with no tune indication, as not conforming to my definition of broadside ballad. Genius CRU - card reader - USB overview and full product specs on CNET.

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