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All data recorded is time stamped to create a complete history of each test run. Up to eight often Amrel Systems PLA2K-600-100 front-panel setups can be stored in non-volatile memory for quick recall from the PC controller through the interface. If needed, the front panel can be locked out to prevent operator intervention during test runs. The RP and RP offer additional features over the bus such as the ability to select the turn-on or turn-off phase angle of the output voltage.

NetZoom Device Library for Amrel Systems

This capability, combined with the peak current measurement function, enables inrush current analysis of a unit under test. Applications Transient programming is supported by the GUI program with user defined transient lists of up to Amrel Systems PLA2K-600-100.


Transient programs can be recalled from disk and executed once, continuously or a specified Amrel Systems PLA2K-600-100 of times. Editing functions such as delete and insert make it easy to modify or expand existing programs.

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  • Air-Cooled DC Programmable Electronic Load 0.8-7.5kW Amrel PLA loads current power
  • Programmable DC Electronic Loads - Physical Instruments

This capability makes it easy to evaluate products for immunity to common AC line disturbances such as brownouts, surges, swells, sags and frequency variations. Grid emulators are specially designed for emulate grid disturbances. Each equipment integrates VSC modules and DSP Amrel Systems PLA2K-600-100 boards equipped with all necessary power components, electrical protections, auxiliary electronics and security elements. The power electronics unit of each emulator is a back to back topology formed by 2 voltage source converters connected in series.


Amrel Systems PLA2K-600-100 It is a multifunctional AC-AC converter that shows a wide range of applications. All the range of our Grid Emulators allows great flexibility to evaluate all type of scenarios. They can generate different type of grids and its common faults and disturbances. Using state-of-the-art PWM switching techniques, the RS series combines compactness, robustness and functionality in a compact floor-standing chassis, no larger than a typical office copying machine. This higher power density has been accomplished without the need to resort to elaborate cooling schemes or additional installation wiring.

Programmable DC Electronic Loads - Physical Instruments

Simply roll the RS unit to its designated location using included castersplug it in, and the RS series is ready to work for you. The RS Series can be operated completely from its menu driven front panel controller. A backlit LCD display shows menus, setup data, and read-back measurements. This allows the RS Series to be easily integrated into an automated test system. For advanced test applications, the programmable controller version offers full arbitrary waveform generation, time and frequency domain measurements, and voltage and current waveform capture. Available reconfigurable RS models -MB designation provide multiple controllers which Amrel Systems PLA2K-600-100 separation of the high power system into up to six individual RS90 units for use in separate applications.


This ability to reconfigure the system provides an even greater level of flexibility not commonly found in power systems. Increasingly, manufacturers of high power equipment and appliances are required to fully evaluate and test Amrel Systems PLA2K-600-100 products over a wide range of input line conditions.

The built-in output transient generation and read-back measurement capability of the RS Series offers the convenience of a powerful, and easy to use, integrated test system. The RS Series features the ability to both source and sink current, i. The RS amplifier is designed to reverse the phase relationship between the AC input. Programming sink -SNK Amrel Systems PLA2K-600-100 operation. Precise frequency control and accurate load regulation are key requirements in these applications. The RS Series eliminates the need for several additional pieces of test equipment, saving cost and space. Regulatory Testing As governments are moving to enforce product quality standards, regulatory compliance testing is becoming a requirement for Amrel Systems PLA2K-600-100 growing number of manufacturers.

Air-Cooled DC Programmable Electronic Load kW Amrel PLA loads current power

These models provide 3 phase output capability of Vac or Vac line to line respectively. High Crest Factor With a crest factor of up to 3. Since many modern Amrel Systems PLA2K-600-100 use switching power supplies, they have a tendency to pull high repetitive peak currents. The RS90 can deliver up to Amps of repetitive peak current V AC range per phase to handle high crest factor three phase loads. The popular SCPI command protocol is used for programming. The following functions are available through this GUI program: Harmonic Waveform Generation Using the latest DSP technology, the RS Series programmable controller is capable of generating harmonic waveforms to test for harmonics susceptibility. The Windows Graphical User Interface program can be used to define harmonic waveforms by specifying amplitude and phase for up to 50 harmonics.

The waveform data points are generated and downloaded by the GUI to the AC source through the remote interface. Up to waveforms can be stored in nonvolatile memory and given a user defined name for easy recall. All RS Series configurations offer three phase waveform generation, allowing independent phase anomalies to be programmed. It also allows simulation of unbalanced harmonic line conditions.

AMREL's eLoad programmable electronic load design isolates failures so other components will not be affected or stressed, increasing the system's level of. AMREL's PLA Series of “Air-cooled” dc Electronic Amrel Systems PLA2K-600-100 offers the. 3U, "D. PLA2K 2KW.

3U, "D.

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