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Secondly, I decided to do a clean install of the operating system and I tried the two Windows 8 and Windows 8. In Acer Aspire 8942G EGISTEC Fingerprint cases, installation process complete without problems, but when you try to install all the drivers, I experienced freezes and once again the shutdown problems. I followed an order to install drivers Chipset first, only VGA, etcbut in most cases, I had problems of supra. I also tried to disable "Fast start recommended turn" without success. But now comes the strange part. I finally decided to give it a try for Windows 7 and, to my surprise, everything works fine! I was able to install the drivers correctly and to stop or restart my laptop without a problem. Now I use Windows 7, but, as it is under warranty, I would ask you what you think of this questions.

I find it quite strange that a laptop does not properly with its native operating system but it is very good with an older operating system! Do you think I should send to Acer support or ask to change it although, I don't know if I'm still able to pursue this second option. Thanks for your attention! It was the right decision. Hope this information is useful for other users. Acer Aspire axU graphics card question I tried many of the sons of an answer to this question, who found nothing.

I want to update the graphics card but I don't know anything about editing them, or those who would work, I play the sims 3 and the nvidia does not just good game with the last expansion packs. Available on the Acer Aspire 8942G EGISTEC Fingerprint expansion slots are: Slot PCI Express 2. I would check the specifications recommended for any software needs you may have and make a choice based on your needs. I recently bought an Acer Aspire One netbook for school. The computer is just amazing in every way, shape and form - outside the horribly slow and buggy internet.

Regardless of my connection or the browser, I have problems such as limited connections insane, usually internet slow speed and all disconnections that occur without reason. If I disconnect and reconnect to the network even after a question given, however, it works very well for the next thirty-or-so minutes, and I encounter the problem again. I noticed that if I closed the computer at a given time, open it and use the internet, these issues seem to be more important.


Restarting the computer seems Acer Aspire 8942G EGISTEC Fingerprint temporarily solve the problem for a decent time period, but I have to restart the computer several times during a period of use, which is very inconvenient and frustrating. Due to the fact that my school is entirely internet-based, these issues that occur whenever I use the computer, by the way become ridiculously boring.

Anyone who suffers these problems? Is it possible to fix this? I studied the problem and saw that there was a 'feature' that slows down the speed of the internet to save the battery, which can be disabled in the settings. In the heat of the moment, we weren't able to establish which driver is ultimately responsible. Verdict The Aspire 's application performance is all in all good. No matter if multitasking or Acer Aspire 8942G EGISTEC Fingerprint, the given performance is always more than sufficient.

Acer Aspire 8942 8942G Windows 7 Drivers

The sixth part also lives up to this. However, the Radeon HD has a lot to chew in the native resolution of x, very high details and 4xAA and only achieves 24 fps. If the details are reduced to a high level and you forgo on the performance sapping Acer Aspire 8942G EGISTEC Fingerprint, a well playable 35 fps are possible on the Aspire G.


Shift After the rather arcade-biased forerunner, Need for Speed goes a much more realistic way with Shift. In comparison to its forerunners, the hardware requirements have increased considerably. So, you can't exactly speak of a fun race experience in high details and the FullHD resolution with 25 fps.

You can first race over the circuit agreeably with 29 fps in medium details. Risen Objectively, Risen can't quite keep up with the quality of the role game heavy weight ofDragon Age, but it does supply for many fun hours with its authentic game world.

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The Aspire G's performance doesn't supply so much fun. Risen jolts along unplayable with 17 fps in a resolution of x and high details. The German role game doesn't run much smoother even in medium details with 21 fps.

Acer Aspire G Drivers Download for Windows 7 bit Download Driver

In our standard resolution of x, high details and 4xAA, F. Google Chrome Open Chrome and click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar. Select Settings. In the "Search" section, click Manage search engine. Check if Default is displayed next to your preferred search engine. If not, mouse over it and click Make default. Acer Aspire G EGISTEC Fingerprint Driver for Windows 7 · DOWNLOAD NOW. downloads · Added on: March Acer Aspire 8942G EGISTEC Fingerprint, · Manufacturer: EgisTec. Download drivers for laptop Acer Aspire G.MB, /01/15, Download. Windows® 7 bit, Fingerprint, EGISTEC Fingerprint Driver.

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