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Additional safety information Your device and its enhancements may contain small parts.

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Keep them out of the reach of small children. We at Acer are very conscious of the environmental effects of our business and strive to identify and provide the best working procedures Acer XZ271U reduce the environmental impact of our products.

For more information and help Acer XZ271U recycling, please go to this website: Disposal instructions Do not throw this electronic device into the trash when discarding. To minimize pollution and ensure utmost protection of the global environment, please recycle.

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Tips and information for comfortable use Computer users may complain of eyestrain and headaches after prolonged use. Users are also at risk of physical Acer XZ271U after long hours of working in front of a computer.

Long work periods, bad posture, poor work habits, stress, inadequate working conditions, personal health and other factors greatly increase the risk of physical injury. Incorrect computer usage may lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, tenosynovitis or other musculoskeletal disorders. The following symptoms may appear in the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck or back: The following section Acer XZ271U tips for more comfortable computer use. Finding your comfort zone Find your comfort zone by adjusting the viewing angle of Acer XZ271U monitor, using a footrest, or raising your sitting height to achieve maximum comfort. Observe the following tips: Nevertheless, some pixels may occasionally misfire or appear as black or red dots.

This has no effect on the recorded image and does not constitute a malfunction.

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English Taking Acer XZ271U of your vision Long viewing hours, wearing incorrect glasses or contact lenses, glare, excessive room lighting, poorly focused screens, very small typefaces and low-contrast displays could stress your eyes. The following sections provide suggestions on how to reduce eyestrain. Developing good work habits Develop the following work habits to make your computer use more relaxing and productive: In order to prevent damage to the monitor, do not lift the monitor by its base.


Trade Name: Model Number: SKU Number: EMC Directive: Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Contact Person: Acer Representative Phone No.: Only at the highest point can 25 degrees of Acer XZ271U be offered for the angle of elevation. No user-adjustment is required.

The cord set should have the appropriate safety approvals for the country in which the equipment will be installed. Power saving The monitor will be driven into "Power Saving" mode by the control signal from the display controller, as indicated by the amber-color power LED. Description PIN No. Description 7. MHL- VBUS The DDC is a communication protocol through which Acer XZ271U monitor automatically informs the host system about its capabilities; for example, supported resolutions and corresponding timing. The monitor supports the DDC2B standard.

English pin color Acer XZ271U signal cable PIN No. Turn off your computer and unplug your computer's power cord.

Then tighten the thumbscrews on the signal cable connector. Connect the USB 3. Insert the monitor Acer XZ271U cable into the power port at the back of the monitor. Connect Acer XZ271U power adapter and power cord to the monitor, then to a properly grounded AC outlet. Audio output is only for audio output model.

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Discover more about Acer XZU bmijpphzx. 1 ms MPRT - Vertical Alignment (VA) Acer XZ271U Screen: 27" - Panel Technology: Vertical Alignment (VA) (°x°) HDR. 27" WQHD ( x ) R Hz Curved Gaming Monitor Acer XZ271U Hz.


Acer's XZU 27" curved panel monitor with WQHD resolution delivers the incredible. With AMD FREESYNC, the monitor’s frames are synced Acer XZ271U the graphics card’s frames, which eliminates screen tearing and.

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