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Acer has built a couple of 15 inch models in the Ethos range Aspire G and one 18 inch behemoth Aspire G in the past. However the VG featuring a What does the Aspire VG have inside" in the model number already hints at- a good portion of graphics power. It is a chip based on Nvidia's brand new Kepler Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK 28 nmwhich is positioned in the upper midrange. They were members of the gaming upper range just a year ago. Since the 17 inch case has enough room inside, Acer has provided two 2.

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Acer has gone in for a plain glossy finish to the laptop. The Piano paint finish is a throwback to the past which shows scratches and fingerprints very easily. This is a major drawback of the Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK.


It only takes a few hours of use until fingerprints and dust particles begin to gather. In the last few months it almost seemed that this kind of surface paint job was finally going out of fashion. Acer has not done enough to disguise the cheap plastic that is used to build the chassis before putting it on sale. At least the laptop looks nice out of the box. The silver keyboard bezel perks up the otherwise completely black device. If it weren't for the lid's and wrist rest's glossy surfaces, the term "conservative design" could apply to the device. The plastic case's stability remains beyond reproach. No creaking noises or wobbly components are noticed when handling the device. The big 17 inch Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK could be a bit more rigid.

However that can be ignored in view of the restricted portability of the form factor. A look Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK the street prices explains the choice of the case.


Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK Nevertheless, there isn't much room for a higher quality case in view of this competitive pricing. In our opinion, Acer has done a decent job when it Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK to port selection but the placement is not satisfactory. All ports are located on the left and right side edges towards the front.

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This may provide easy access to the ports, but is less optimal for keeping the work area Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK the notebook clear of obstructive and unsightly cables. The home user will be sufficiently equipped but an enthusiast will certainly find reason for complaint.

Bluetooth version 4. This software is called bloat. In many cases, the bloatware affects the performance of the laptops. Some manufacturers please the buyer Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK an agreeably clean system, while others go overboard, installing too much junk. Acer belongs to the latter category even if it does not cause the Aspire VG any performance issues.

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The solid state drive ensures that the system feels snappy and responsive from the first boot. The desktop comes up in Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK 10 — 15 seconds after powering on the laptop. The user is restricted to around GB after format and about 70GB after the installation of the OS and essential system software.

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Therefore it is advisable to use the SSD primarily for frequently used software. Other data, such as music, videos and games, should be stored on the GB mechanical hard disk. You risk voiding the warranty if you open Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK the device beyond that. The warranty specifications found in various shops cause confusion. You also get a one year International Travelers Warranty.

The present Acer Aspire V3 is no exception. However, that does not mean that it is not possible to type on such a pretty Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK. We find a key size of 15 x 15 millimeters with a key gap of approximately 4. The function and arrow keys are smaller. The familiar functions Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK as volume control are managed with FN key combinations. Nevertheless, that should not lead to difficulties when typing after a bit of practice. What does the typing feel like?

In-depth review of the Acer Aspire VG (Intel Core i7 QM, NVIDIA GeForce GT M, ", Acer NC-V3-771-33116G1TMAKK with numerous measurements, benchmarks and  Missing: G1TMAKK. Product type: Notebook. Brand: Acer. Series: Aspire V / Model #: VAGV. Model: VG1TMakk. Market region: Europe, Middle East, Africa.

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