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Acer Aspire 1660 LAN graphics cards are able to play the latest and most demanding games in high resolutions and full detail settings with enabled Anti-Aliasing. Intel Core i7: The base clock speed of the CPUs is relatively low, but because of a huge Turbo mode, the cores can dynamically overclock to up to 3.

Acer Aspire Windows 7 Drivers Download

How about that! GPU-wize, there are three choices: Well, the GTX Ti has totally lived up to the hype. It easily deals with the AAA titles at p resolution and even Maxed out the eye candy.

Here, the situation is very similar to what we see with a lot of gaming devices — the CPU thermals are calculated in a way that provides enough headroom for the graphics card. This is Acer Aspire 1660 LAN not a bad thing since this means a more quiet and cooler device during high CPU loads.

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You can see that the Nitro 5 AN tops out at 74C at the end of the test, whereas the Dell G5 15 keeps the clock speeds high, but sacrifices the temperature level — 90C on the die. Ultimately, you have the cooling solution of Legion Y which is Acer Aspire 1660 LAN to maintain high frequencies at very low temps — just MHz higher Acer Aspire 1660 LAN 2 degrees lower, respectively, compared to the Nitro 5 AN This, however, comes at the expense of a very, very loud laptop and a lot of heat on the GPU die.

Not what you want in the long run. Well, if we had some bacon and eggs laying around us, we could have made a pretty tasty breakfast with the help of the Nitro 5 AN As far as gaming is concerned, expect high framerates and possibility of max settings at Full HD. Well, yes the Nitro 5 AN handles the GTX Ti and is able to extract the most of the graphics card, but we feel like the thermals are not very sufficient in cooling the device. Here, the graphics chip runs very hotly, while on the outside, the Nitro 5 AN is one of Acer Aspire 1660 LAN hottest devices on the market.

Setting aside from the thermal issues, we have a very decent laptop. It has not Acer Aspire 1660 LAN, but two M. If you are unable to shut down the computer in the usual way, press and hold the power button for more than four seconds. You should then wait at least two seconds before turning the computer on again. Taking care of your computer Your computer will serve you well if you take care of it.

The half metal case is confidence inspiring. The bottom is very easy to remove with a few screws and gives you quick access to all replaceable parts Normally I would not buy an Acer but their Predator line shows quality they have not shown in the past. I'm Acer Aspire 1660 LAN it's not RGB like it was advertised on Acers website cross-referenced specific model but for the performance it's not too upsetting.

Would recommend as long as the quality lasts as long as it looks good. Edit Make sure your dedicated GPU is enabled and set as default. Optimus is frustrating. Acer Aspire 1660 LAN that is Nvidia and Intel's fault. Not Acer's Battery life comments. If you were expecting good battery life out of a laptop you should not be looking at Gaming laptops.

There is alot of powerful hardware in this laptop and it gives up battery life for portability. Although I would have given up the 2. Give and take.

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If you think it's overheating while gaming the components will run fairly hot by default. Even up to 97c. You should really set a fan profile before assuming it's overheating. If it's really was overheating it would shut off automatically. Otherwise it idles at about ,c in a 22c 72f room.


Also set your per game profile. The fan at percent works fine in most cases. Acer Aspire Driver Download.

Acer Nitro 5 (AN515-54) (GeForce GTX 1660 Ti) review – gaming on the budget just got better

EMI and Safety,BIOS,BIOS-Utilities,Chipset,ATK,VGA,LAN,TouchPad,Wireless,BlueTooth,Card-Reader,HotFix,Utilities  Maximum supported memory‎: ‎2GB. Acer Aspire Driver Download Windows 7. BIOS,BIOS-Utilities,Chipset,ATK,VGA,LAN,TouchPad,Wireless,BlueTooth,Card-Reader,HotFix,Utilities,EMI and.

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