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Later on, devices with XP were offered. The tested notebook came with pre-installed Linpus Linux, but was tested with Windows XP Home bit as operating system. This review will clarify in how far the AOAAw is in accordance with our criteria and under which circumstances changing to Windows XP is possible. Besides the A L or Xa Acer AOA110 Audio improved version of the 8. An example is the Aspire One Dwhich Acer AOA110 Audio tested recently and which is no longer available with Linux. The "A" following the hyphen stands for the Linux version B would indicate the XP version and equates to the "L" in the German version. The "w" indicates the color, white in our case.

Case The color variety of the Aspire One; unfortunately, only blue and white are available in Austria. The A with its 8. This netbook comes in different Acer AOA110 Audio, of which only two are available in Europe: The tested model features a high gloss white case. After opening the netbook, a high black gloss frame around the display surprises the user. The keyboard and the surrounding surfaces are kept in a high gloss white as well.

One quickly finds out that white is hardly sensitive towards finger prints, so only Acer AOA110 Audio frame around the display easily shows finger prints. Each touch, e. The slick surfaces, especially in the area of the palm rest, do not feel too great haptically. The plastic casing generally features a good stability and torsional stiffness, one can easily lift it up at any corner. The palm rests are weak points, they give in somewhat when pressure is applied. The display's hinges do appear a little small, but they are sufficiently stable. They cannot completely prevent the display from luffing, but they are sluggish enough to prevent an accidental opening of the closed lid, as the netbook does not come with a locking device.

I understand the appeal of having a very simple interface, but in this case I think they went too far.

Not a big deal, though, I installed Xubuntu and the process was painless. The trackpad. The tiny!


Acer AOA110 Audio is a problem for anyone with big fingers, like me, because it's hard to click the buttons without touching the pad and moving the cursor. Of course, this was easily solved by plugging in a mouse.


It is believed that many other inexpensive VT64x equipped DDR3 netbooks have the same capability but it is disabled for licensing reasons or due to the clock circuitry Acer AOA110 Audio unable to handle certain modules correctly resulting in system instability, Acer AOA110 Audio can be overcome using spdtool and slightly altering timing parameters. There are known issues with the D Wifi over time which sometimes occur after the card is changed. Further investigation suggests that the issue may be BIOS corruption and replacing or reflashing the chip may well resolve it but as yet this is untested.


Reception[ edit ] CNET editors' review has been positive, Acer AOA110 Audio [69] although held reservations as the Aspire One is early to market and many netbooks are planned for the near future. A The Tech Report Techreport. Outside of the Asus Eee series, the Acer Acer AOA110 Audio One models are the best-known netbooks on the market. Currently two models of the Aspire One A range are available, one featuring flash SSD storage and the other a more traditional hard drive.

In that case you'll want to consider looking elsewhere, such as the Asus Eee PC range. Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Total score: These graphics cards are not suited for Windows 3D games. Office and Internet surfing however is possible.

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