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Now happy using a4tech XLF. And i thought my mouse is ugly.


Sep 5 Sep 12 Oct Sep 13 From my view It will be more nicer if it is design in black color: Agree that, should use the surface some kind a like Razer will be A4Tech WUT-13 Sep 15 Elite Posts: Maybe this is true A4Tech WUT-13 what Jingde and CasaNova said. Sep 16 It really shouldn't be that difficult to make something that doesn't look like crap.

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PhantomThief has all the right words. But dun exactly totally copy from other companies la.

My local computer store stocking on the A4tech oscar A4Tech WUT-13. Sep 17 Behind You. Sep 18 This post has been edited by Jcsy: Performance should not come at the cost of looks.

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Besides, the DeathAdder and Lachesis that I have look good and are not exactly lacking in the performance department. More than can be said A4Tech WUT-13 most A4Tech mice.

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Sep 19 Sep 20 Yeah, they A4Tech WUT-13 ,more on performance side: Sep 22 HI im using axBFthe green one, now im having problem aiming in cs, dont know what's wrongsometimes i cant shoot very wellI always use the yellow dot dpi and my sensitivity is around 2. This post has been edited by wo0p: Can i know more specific that the problem of aiming, what is the problem?

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Is the cursor function well??? Sep 23 Sep 27 XLk got stock in KL already Ic, U in hich part of the JB? Already try out to search at Landmark???? Sep 29 Oct 8 Mar 7 I feel both of the mouse. Quality-wise maybe Razer looks better, but performance-wise at that time i'm using Razer, i felt that A4tech X7 doing better than that Many People just simply look at the design but never use A4Tech WUT-13, so these stereotype people who just look at the book cover was wrongly enough to say.

If you never try A4Tech WUT-13 don't simply complain this is not good and that's not good. Go grab it and feel it. But lately A4tech design with snakeskin really makes a bad impression on me: I don't like the skin.

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I prefer only a plain color on the design. Currently i m own a XLK, A4Tech WUT-13 wise is good DPI, Hz polling rate, with awsome professional macro editorthe skin design is normal only also dont like the snake skin designbut is much much cheaper than those A4Tech WUT-13, roccatmicrosoft.

Mar 8 Any one got info on this new baby???? A4Tech wwt trackball A4Tech A4Tech WUT-13 trackball.

A4Tech wwt trackball A4Tech wwt trackball connectors. That bulky.

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