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The curvy design and lack of a textured case is another positive aspect. This shape helps to slide the Palm III inside pockets and enclosed spaces.

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The casing also has an infrared port, 3Com Palm IIIc can be used to transfer book entries, datebook entries, and 3Com Palm IIIc from other Palm devices and related accessories. Unlike the previous model, the HotSync port has a cover, which retracts easily when the device is put on the cradle. The oval-shaped button design and large power switch offer smooth handling without putting additional pressure on the unit. The Palm III is a very reliable gadget that has plenty of storage and comes with an IR port, which will allow you to store and use a variety of applications on the device.


The sturdy body, responsive stylus, and well-designed cradle adds to the user interaction by providing a smooth touch. It was the first Palm handheld to support infrared file transfer and a Flash ROM-capable operating system.

It ran Palm OS 3. The unit also has a lithium ion rechargeable battery and a slightly modified version of the original Palm III chassis.

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Measuring 5. Its active-matrix screenproduces vivid, crisp colors and is viewable from many angles in bothdim and bright light. And yet anouther warning: Don't try to check that voltage with an average DMM!

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The output of the high voltage generator is quite high impedance and you might ruin it with an average DMM! On the image above you can see, that the Lithium battery in the IIIc is fairly large. The IIIc can draw quite some current, more on that below. Interesting is the new keyboard 3Com Palm IIIc.

On the other side, the key caps or actual keys can be produced and assembled quite cheap 3Com Palm IIIc clever. The top side of the 'main' board contains mostly power supply stuff and the LCD controllers.


The hardware designers tried real hard to keep the form factor of the IIIc down, even at the expense of some higher 3Com Palm IIIc costs. The parallel expensive, low profile tantalium capacitors all these 5 'yellow bricks' on the right side form one bigger capacitorthe assembly of the inverter transformer 'in' the PCB are all quite nice design details to keep the device as small as possible.

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Nobody can say they didn't try hard: Rumours say, that alot of manufacturers still have problems with the assembly and quality control of BGAs: Two interesting details: Rumours say, it gives a better range, users of OmniRemote will love to hear that. Another detail is the changed 32kHz base crystal that might have a higher accuracy which would be a benefit for the real time clock of the PalmIIIc. I will watch the accuracy of the IIIc clock in the future to verify that. Not much to say about the screen. It's produced by Sharp and the only interesting detail visible from outside is the relative complicated connection cable. Right up is the usual 4-pin cable of the digitizer. Did you know you have a 'black cockroach' in your Palm IIIc? Who knows why, but the little PCB 3Com Palm IIIc carries the new serial driver and the serial connector pins is called 'La cucaracha negra': The driver is a quite new chip from Maxim MAXEcontaining one more transmitter channel, in total supporting 2 receiving and 3 transmitting lines.

Additionally the MAX has an improved ESD electrostatic discharge protection which is good, since the IIIc has no longer the protective slider that covers the hotsync connector. So far 3Com Palm IIIc didn't have the time to test that completely, but the drain problem is gone for sure.

All RS pins are properly 3-stated floating when the serial channel is closed. The pity is, that basically the PalmIIIc as well as the PalmV don't suffer from the drain, since they are reloaded in their cradles anyway. The Palm III is a personal digital assistant that was made by the Palm Computing division of 3Com. It went on sale in as a replacement for the PalmPilot  Release date‎: ‎March The Palm IIIe 3Com Palm IIIc a PDA from Palm Computing released in briefly after the more expensive 3Com Delivers Palm IIIe Connected Organizer, Full-featured 3Com Palm IIIc at Breakthrough Price, 3Com/Palm Press Release, July 19, ; 3Com.


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