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I got the Samsung SyncMaster b and I personally Viewsonic CRT LCD it. I am not sure what u will be doing on yours but foe this monitor i have no ghosting problems at all and I play all types of Fps and what not. The only bad thing about LCDs are that they tend to make the game world look a little bit more jagidy, but if u have a good enough computer some AA will fix it.

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But reguards to response time i would say dont get something above Viewsonic CRT LCD ns respones time. Hope this helps Feb 6, I would say you want to get one with the highest contrast and the fastest response time you can afford.

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I own a 19" Dell and response time sucks, its like ms which is unexceptable. I see some ghosting when gaming but it doesn't cause a problem. In general you want to stay at least 16ms or below. It is not hard to find 8ms now. Viewsonic CRT LCD samsung has a 2ms which would be great for gaming. BigMac 2ms equates to fps. I don't know of any CRT that even comes close to that. Check out the reviews on Toms, they do a very good job explaining how these specs are inflated, and they do a very good job of showing what lcd's are good. Colors are good and there is no lag on the samsung, but the viewsonic has an almost imperceptible ghosting effect, though you have to look hard to see it.

Viewsonic CRT LCD BigMac Feb 7,9: There's milliseconds in a second like thousand milliliters in a liter. There's microseconds in a millisecond, and there's nanoseconds in a microsecond. And to be complete: These last two are never used in practice. You see them occasionally in combination with liters volumetric measurement. ViewSonic has a monitor that I was interested in also. It has a 0. Now then, what is going to make the Viewsonic CRT LCD difference, response time or pitch??


I'll have to go back to the Viewsonic CRT LCD to figure that one out. Whilst I am figuring out which way to go, you can look at some monitor information on the following two locations. I went back to the 'puter store and the Lord was with me again.


They had moved the monitors around and there was only one, a Samsung, in between the Sony and ViewSonic monitors. My neighbor was with me and he also was impressed with the Sony. With it mixed in among the other monitors it looked the clearest and the best. Viewsonic CRT LCD think it is mainly cause of the rich vibrant colors that it produces. On closer inspection I could not see a big difference in the 'graininess' of the screens.

Monitor Speed: CRT Vs. LCD

I'm not sure where I got the 0. I, and all my relatives and friends like the colors.

This is one of the best screens I have had, or seen. Matter of fact, I was noticing how much realer the trees looked. I thank the Lord for pointing this one out to me This was a recent addition to my local Computer Store. I have read some reviews that were rather detremental to this display device. Their biggest complaints dealt with the frame and adjustability. Contrary to Viewsonic CRT LCD complaints of others, there is some adjustability.

The 'case' has a tail that folds out for stability, just like a picture frame. It is not real loose and you can adjust the straightness, or angle, of view. At least for proper ergonomic positioning. You can not tilt it down. So, if you are the type of person who lays down while you are typing, this will not work for you. The height is another question. In reality Viewsonic CRT LCD is only Viewsonic CRT LCD outer glass that is flat, and not the actual screen. Even then, these tubes have a disadvantage - a faint thin line or two Depending on size running through the screen to stabilize the grill.

Some people find this distracting, especially if you work on a light background eg. Results 1 - 12 of 12 - ViewSonic GS 19" CRT Monitor **FREE SHIPPING** the benefits of a large screen, but don't want to compromise desktop workspace. Latest Viewsonic monitor driver for all LCDs and CRTs with Windows XP.

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