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The M60 looks very stylish to me and I like the color combination Toshiba came up with.


The blue lid, black keyboard and silver trim looks very sharp. Toshiba Satellite M60 Modem also like the fact it has a full number pad. The case is made of plastic, which is fairly high quality, but not near as sturdy as the magnesium case of my T42 ThinkPad.

Satellite M - Toshiba

The case flexes a little when pressing on Toshiba Satellite M60 Modem lid. I always use it on my lap on the couch, and can use it for hours without it getting too hot or heavy. You can twist the screen slightly if you twist it, but it requires a good amount of effort, and the flexing is minimal. It is very nice for watching DVDs and the colors really seem quite bright and the contrast is excellent. I ran dead pixel buddy and was pleased to find that there was no dead or stuck pixels.

There is no significant light leakage or uneven backlighting. I have noticed that it does show dust much more than a matte screen does, and if there are any smudges on the screen, they seem to be more noticeable. One tradeoff with the TruBrite and most glossy screens is Toshiba Satellite M60 Modem glare that you when working outside or in bright areas.

Toshiba Satellite M60-135 - 17" - Pentium M 750 - Win XP Home - 1 GB RAM - 80 GB HDD Series

It is not that big of a deal to me, but if used in an office building with many windows, it could become distracting. For a laptop, the speakers are quite Toshiba Satellite M60 Modem. There are two front mounted speakers and they sound much better when playing music and watching DVDs than my T42 ThinkPad. Headphones or external speakers are not necessary as the speakers rival external ones unless you want to hear deep bass and for hardcore gaming needs.


The keyboard and screen were getting pretty small for day-to-day general use. Weight is still a factor for me, as I often walk or take the bus to work when I can. This means that 6. Looking at the 10 pound Toshiba P30 had me previously convinced that a desktop replacement type machine was not going to Toshiba Satellite M60 Modem an option. While browsing for ideas, a heavily discounted Qosimo F10 caught my attention in the store, and sitting next to it was a machine I had never seen or heard of, but would wind up buying: Impressive keyboard view larger image To be honest, the thing that appealed to me most about the M60 was the key keyboard. A discrete GPU and memory is always a bonus. Construction looked good, and a 7. Further poking and prodding and a quick trip home to check out info or reviews none on the net had me sold. Appearance and Construction When it comes to design and build quality, the Toshiba Satellite M60 has, quite literally a split personality.

No, unlike those icons, the M60 looks quite different open and closed, and varies in apparent build quality top vs. Closed, the M60 is very unassuming view larger image Closed, the M60 looks pretty uninspired from a design point of view. This is a shame, because the lines are actually quite pretty, but they are disguised by the black plastic body of the machine, and the drab grey of the cover moulding. Save your money and take the no-cost blue or order the orange. Pressing on the Toshiba logo with the machine closed will allow about a inch dip to be formed.

A hefty curved lip along the top and bottom of the screen limits flex and deflection in the screen assembly itself, however, which is reassuring. Unlike the top, the rest of Toshiba Satellite M60 Modem machine is pretty flex free, especially given its width. The hinges are nice and tight, and the locking mechanism has a reassuringly beefy action.

As mentioned earlier, the computer is a fairly reasonable 7. Be warned of two things though. The offset keyboard can make balancing it a chore, Toshiba Satellite M60 Modem be prepared for intermittent blasts of hot air on your right kneecap when the CPU needs to exhale. Otherwise, the machine stays reasonably cool and quiet, with no risk of slow cooking your legs Crock-Pot style.

The keyboard is generous in size and has a Toshiba Satellite M60 Modem, snappy electric typewriter feel to it. The right hand shift key could be bigger, though. A somewhat stingy helping of three USB ports is further hampered by sticking two of them in the middle of the back of the box and only one on the right. Who plugs anything but power and monitor into the back of their machine anymore?

Hooking up my camera, bluetooth transmitter or a jump drive means reaching around to the back. Come on Toshiba, give us two on the left and two on the right. All pixels Toshiba Satellite M60 Modem firing, the screen is filled out to the frame, leakage and distortion-free.


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