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In its press release about the Tecra RP, Toshiba paints its latest creation for the business sector as a paragon of mobility and high-performance.

The Japanese manufacturer is setting the bar pretty high for itself; we put the notebook to the test in our review. At the end of April Toshiba announced, all in one go, that it would be bringing out new models for every series of its business notebooks. The latest model should be even faster than before, with a second-generation Intel Core iM processor whose speed is 2. Case A fine pattern of lines covers the notebook This Toshiba Tecra notebook has quite a plain design, so you are unlikely to stand out from Toshiba Satellite R840 Power Saver crowd with it.

The case is covered in a pattern of fine lines, and is entirely black, apart from the hinges and the firm logo on the back of the lid which have a reflective silver appearance.


Toshiba has mostly used magnesium for the case; this material is flexible and yet very robust. The pattern of lines on the surfaces has its advantages and disadvantages. Amongst the advantages is the fact that the lines give a better purchase i. Fingerprints are also harder to make out and they tend not to stick. The Toshiba business notebook feels very robust, apart from its lid.

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The surface around the keyboard can only be made to flex slightly, but the lid can be bent, flexed and twisted almost any which way you like. However, this could result from the properties of the material used magnesiumwhich offers a certain flexibility despite being very tough. With its dimensions of mm x mm x Connectivity Left side of the notebook Right side of the notebook Connectivity The ports Toshiba Satellite R840 Power Saver only positioned on the left and right sides of the notebook.

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The latter does not allow you to use a conventional headset, which could be an annoyance if that is the type of headset you own. On the underside of the notebook there is also a port for an optional docking station.

Review Toshiba Tecra R850-11P Notebook

Communication When it comes to communication, the Tecra R pretty much has it all. The notebook comes with the latest 3.


Security A lot of attention has been devoted to data security for the Tecra RP. For example, the hard drive is fitted with a 3D motion sensor.

This should safely park the hard drive head as soon as it detects any serious jolting, thus preventing a potential loss of data. If the hard drive rarely shuts down, despite a low Toshiba Satellite R840 Power Saver value, this may well be because Windows and application software access the hard drive from time to time. Windows routinely accesses Toshiba Satellite R840 Power Saver hard drive for 'housekeeping' chores, and applications may be configured to automatically save your documents or other files at intervals. Any hard drive access, including these automatic processes, will reset the countdown timer value for the hard drive power-off feature. Turn the computer ON, while tapping the F8 key repeatedly. A menu of startup options should appear.

Review Toshiba Tecra RP Notebook - Reviews

If the menu does not appear, try shutting down and restarting again, tapping the F8 key until the menu appears. Windows will then start, in Safe Mode. Double-click Add or Remove Programs.


Some computer models will have only some of these utilities listed. Double-click on the System icon in Control Panel. Click the Hardware tab, and then click the Device Manager button. In the menu bar, click View. If there is no checkmark to the left of the Show Hidden Devices menu item, then click it.

A checkmark should then appear. Download the Toshiba Power Saver utility for your model from this website: It's very important to select and install the correct Toshiba Power Saver utility for your model.

The Toshiba Power Saver / Power Management utility manages the power consumption of various devices on Toshiba notebook computers. Its primary purpose  Missing: R Many Toshiba laptops Toshiba Satellite R840 Power Saver with a system utility application named Power Saver. The Power Saver application assists the computer with power management and  Missing: R

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