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The Lxxx models are primarily placed at the lower end of the price range, followed by the Axxx allround models, and the Pxxx as those devices which distinguish themselves by a high performance. The Uxxx laptops are classified under the collective term "thin and light-weight". The Satellite U is a close relative, but it has to get Toshiba Satellite U500 without dedicated Toshiba Satellite U500 card, and also comes with decisively smaller processors. Case In the light of the current ultra-slim trend, the Toshiba U's case almost appears massive and not particularly mobile. The look is not deceiving. Despite being small, the laptop weighs grams plus grams for the power pack.

And you really should not leave without the later as the battery life is rather short. We will cover this a little later. Toshiba uses plastic in all forms and colors for the surfaces.

Satellite UST Support Toshiba

Nevertheless, the U looks very attractive. The change between the different surfaces, simple plastic, relief-like structures, or also chrome and high-gloss elements, gives a successful layout. Fortunately, the napped plastic is primarily found in the area of the palm rests. Toshiba Satellite U500 does not only feel nice to the touch, but is also insusceptible to smudge.


The same material is also used at the lid. Contrary to nowadays frequently used sensitive piano finish, which is very susceptible for traces of use, you need not be that careful when packing or unpacking the U Another important element Toshiba Satellite U500 design is the chrome molding around the case.

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Also the similarly shiny border around the loudspeakers is Toshiba Satellite U500 eye-catching. On the one hand these accents look great. However, being part of the molding the touchpad buttons feature the same chrome finish, which is very susceptible to finger prints.

Not surprisingly the case offers very good stability. Toshiba Satellite U500 is very torsion stiff and pressure resistant. Eco mode helps you quickly reduce the Satellite U's power consumption and improve its battery life. It also provides a graphical representation of your power consumption over time In our battery Toshiba Satellite U500, in which we loop a video while using maximum power and screen brightness and enabling the wireless radio, the Toshiba Satellite U lasted 1hr 36min. This is a very short time, especially for a laptop with a 6-cell battery by comparison, the Dell Vostro lasted well over two hours with a 4-cell battery.

However, when we repeated the test in Eco mode the notebook lasted 2hr 14min.


In the WorldBench 6 application suite it attained a score of The extra RAM helps greatly when running office applications and multitasking. It means you can run pretty much any type of program and not experience too much lag.

The Toshiba Satellite U will also easily handle media encoding, image editing, even some Toshiba Satellite U500 editing and 3D rendering. It recorded a time of 1min 12sec in Toshiba Satellite U500 Blender 3D test, which is almost exactly what we expected of a 2. The notebook recorded a time of 1min 9sec in the iTunes MP3 encoding test, which is also an expected result. If you use the Satellite U for image or video editing, you can make use of its eSATA port by adding an external scratch disk. It resides on the left side of the laptop and also doubles as a USB 2.

Toshiba Satellite U500

It Pro Toshiba Satellite U500 isn't often that IT PRO sees laptops for home users, but with its unashamedly glossy looks and home entertainment features, the Toshiba Satellite U could be a superb travelling companion, particularly for those who like to fill long train or plane rides with the odd film. Good for entertainment, but not so hot on battery life or professional credentials.

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Toshiba Satellite U500 PC Mag A full day of classes rarely occurs in one location, so the last thing you want is a laptop that feels like a bigger anchor than your textbooks. Though made Toshiba Satellite U500 of plastic, the lid's textures are reminiscent of a fancy leather case and the parts are current enough to get you through several years of school.

The Toshiba Satellite US doesn't break the bank, and its design and features should satisfy most back-to-schoolers for at Toshiba Satellite U500 several years. CNet We've reviewed a lot of Toshiba laptops lately, mainly because they've released a veritable flood of midrange laptops onto the market over the last few months. Slotting into a range of similar-looking products, the Satellite US looks like an iteration on the compact design of the Satellite M, focusing on portability while including some higher-end features such as a backlit keyboard and a slot-loading optical drive. The stylish design and high-end feel of the Toshiba US don't make up for mediocre ergonomics and performance that can be had for less in other laptops.

Toshiba calls the in Satellite U (PSU5EAX) its 'hero' notebook because it combines a small size with powerful performance, Toshiba Satellite U500. Extensive review of the Toshiba Satellite U (Intel Core 2 Duo P, ATI Mobility Radeon HD&amp  ‎Reviewed: Toshiba Satellite · ‎Performance · ‎Battery Life · ‎Specifications.

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