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The interactive preview window helps produce finely adjusted scans requiring little or no post-scan adjustment. Brooks, All Rights Reserved A flat-bed scanner with the capability of scanning the smallest medium format 6x4. Epson's latest Expression model scanner, with an 8. In addition, it also handles print and document scanning.

This buys you xdpi hardware resolution, the highest bit depth of 16 bits per RGB channel 48 bits in this price range, and 3. For the digital darkroom user, the greatest value in a letter-size flat-bed with a full area transparency scanning accessory is the ability to scan medium and large format film affordably. But the Expression has a much broader scope of capabilities.

It will scan 35mm film at an optical resolution that provides image files that will make quite good 8. It is also an efficient tool to proof an entire roll of 35mm or film or four 4x5s.

The Epson Expression Pro Shutterbug

In reflective mode, it does a superb job of color print scanning, as well as all kinds of gray scale and black and white image and document scanning. The Epson TWAIN Pro driver provides a selection of preview window sizes, as well as a new Densitometer that is interactive with the mouse cursor and eyedropper function. This adds much to the easy cropping and simple automatic or manual image adjustment controls provided by the driver interface. From the Configuration button you can also access Epson Expression 1680 Artist Scanner. This allows specific color management profile selection to configure the operation to a particular system.


My next task was to use the IT-8 color Epson Expression 1680 Artist Scanner supplied with SilverFast to calibrate the scanner for both reflective and transparency scanning. I started with a selection of and 4x5 black and white silver-based film images. This was partly to satisfy a serious personal interest and Epson Expression 1680 Artist Scanner, and to test the Expression 's ability to make sharp scans at full hardware resolution. If you recall, I had a minor reservation about Epson's earlier model in this regard. Considering that the Expression will very likely be paired with one of Epson's 13" wide printers, I made all of my test scans except 35mm film at an image size of 13" wide by dpi.

It was most evident in images with a relatively short density scale, particularly portraits and figures against a black background.

In darker, smooth tone gradations the final adjusted scan image contained some posterization, sharp tone breaks that should have been smooth. As a result, I changed my approach and scanned my black and white films as if they were positive images and selected bit output instead of 8 bit. My test scans of a variety of 35mm film images produced very clean, accurate color, and good image sharpness with the scan resolution set to make a 10" long image on a 8. Then, I opened the negative, high-bit image in Photoshop 6. Epson Expression 1680 Artist Scanner then Inverted this image to a positive, and again used the Levels dialog to fine-tune the optimization of the gamut.

If necessary, I also adjusted Curves to increase the image contrast, which affected some levels of tone relationships in the picture. These results were uniformly excellent, just about the best scans I've made with any scanner of black and white silver-based film. Out of about 65 scans of a wide range of subjects and negative characteristics there was only one image with which I was Epson Expression 1680 Artist Scanner satisfied, and I believe that was due as much to the original photography as the scanning.

Epson Expression 1680 Artist Flatbed Scanner

I also reported this problem to both LaserSoft and Epson. In both instances they were interested in a resolution, and I promised to provide some samples to assist in finding a fix for this minor software problem. Color Scans I then called upon Epson Expression 1680 Artist Scanner friend and colleague, James Chen, and asked if he had some color he would like scanned. I knew that his architectural and interior photography would provide some challenging subjects. I was not disappointed. He chose some interior images of the creations of a renowned designer that were indeed challenging. Some were original transparencies, some duplicate transparencies, and some color negatives.

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I scanned each image and accommodated the different sizes to get an image size to make a print 13" wide at dpi. All of the scans were made using SilverFast Ai 5 to adjust the pre-scan.

This resulted in an image open in Photoshop 6. One of the negatives, a fairly old Ektacolor, resulted in a particularly fine scan. I then made a few minor editing adjustments, mostly to fine-tune the image gamut using Levels, and then made a test print with my Epson Stylus Photo printer.

Epson Expression Flatbed Scanner eBay

The print images, I believe, were very accurate and were high quality representations of the original film images. Find great deals for Epson Expression Artist Flatbed Scanner. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Find great deals for Epson Expression Flatbed Scanner. What's more, you can meet your document scanning tasks without worry since the Epson. and works great for scanning my paintings to make giclee' prints. images are.

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