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Although this will allow the Sony KDLHX to produce deeper black levels during fully dark scenes, it comes at the expense of shadow detail and overall contrast.


Consider the example of white text placed on top of a fully black background: Additionally, this feature affects Greyscale tracking in an unpredictable way, making calibration Sony KDL-46HX803 BRAVIA HDTV accuracy essentially impossible. Sony should be commended for providing control over this feature, unlike Samsung who have been forcing users to tolerate visible light fluctuations on their LED LCD TVs for some time now.

In a dark room, the edges of the screen also appeared quite distinct from the middle. With actual TV material, the issues are naturally much less visible, but fast camera movements across an otherwise static scene revealed the fault. There are various [Motionflow] modes to help alleviate blurred motion.

Sony Bravia KDL-46HX803 46" 3D 1080p HD LCD Internet TV

With the scrolling resolution test chart, we observed different effects with each. Both displays produced clear motion with small side-effects, meaning that for many users, the choice will come down to individual preference.

Since MCFI motion-compensated frame interpolation systems like Motionflow incur an extra processing step, they are not ideally suited to all types of content. In addition to controlling Film Deinterlacing, it can also be configured to minimise the possibility of film material being adversely affected by the Motionflow system.

Sony Bravia KDLHX 46" 3D p HD LCD Internet TV eBay

In any case, artefacts are quite rare, and if they become troubling, the Motionflow system can be shut off entirely. All of the details from the SD source were sufficiently captured, but the image still appeared a little soft. During tests with PAL DVD material, we caught it introducing some tearing and other unusual image artefacts during Sony KDL-46HX803 BRAVIA HDTV shots in the Film-based Sony KDL-46HX803 BRAVIA HDTV of Spirited Away. For this reason, we chose not to use it when watching over-compressed SD TV channels.


Full detail was reproduced cleanly without any additional aliasing, moire or blurring, and the Greyscale and Gamma qualities of the calibrated KDL40HXU allowed the image to appear suitably natural, with a great sense of depth. High-frequency film grain textures were rendered cleanly with no selective Sony KDL-46HX803 BRAVIA HDTV averaging an issue that some other LCDs have suffered fromresulting in faithful video reproduction. Thanks to the accurate Greyscale, the image looked remarkably natural, without any strange colour tints provided users keeps their heads level with the KDL40HXU, that is — the 3D glasses add a colour tint if users move their heads to one side. It is an unsightly blight on an otherwise very compelling experience. When we reviewed the Samsung UE46C 3D TV, we noted how poor its video processing for Sony KDL-46HX803 BRAVIA HDTV material was, so we are glad that Sony has not fallen into the same trap we also hope that Samsung have a fix in the works.

When you consider the differences between these companies, this starts to make sense.


Sony owns a Hollywood film studio and, like Panasonic, a Blu-ray Disc authoring facility. Samsung has neither of these content bases, so it makes sense that they have been especially preoccupied with 2D-to-3D conversion.

Console Gaming Gaming was largely enjoyable on the Sony KDLHX thanks to 31ms of input lag, which will either be relatively unnoticeable, or very slightly irritating, depending on the reflexes required by the game and your familiarity with how it plays on a totally lag-free screen. We also took this opportunity to try some of the 3D game demos from the Playstation Network Store. Frankly, the experience was not really eye-popping. While we certainly did observe the extra depth, it was only when we went back and played the game in 2D that we began to appreciate it. With that in mind, we wonder how the public will react to the technology, and if 3D gaming can convince consumers to part with their Sony KDL-46HX803 BRAVIA HDTV cash.

One thing we did find incredibly interesting was that when we enabled the 2D-to-3D conversion mode with a 30fps video game in this case Halo: Reachmotion appeared much, much smoother when we wore the 3D glasses.

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This is without the TV performing any motion interpolation trickery. It appears that feeding slightly offset images to our Sony KDL-46HX803 BRAVIA HDTV and Right eyes also gives the perception of much Sony KDL-46HX803 BRAVIA HDTV motion. The image quality from these services is, more often than not, absolutely terrible, although this is no fault of the Sony KDLHX, but that of overdone and poorly done video compression used by the content providers. Of course, this was a particularly shocking example: Why not simply have a button allowing users to download the new software immediately?

Compared to the Samsung C and by design, we assume also the C models, the differences are in the details: For both 2D and 3D, the Sony KDL40HX has clearly superior viewing angle performance, with the image still looking somewhat natural and rich when viewed from the sides. This means that, in spite of featuring superior Greyscale tracking, the Panasonic VT20 Plasma is still a superior 3D performer thanks to its relative freedom from Sony KDL-46HX803 BRAVIA HDTV crosstalk.


We are glad to see that the competition is catching up, though, and hope that the next generation of LCD-based 3DTV displays will reduce the crosstalk somewhat. Sony BRAVIA KDLHX LED-LCD TV overview from the experts at What Bravia KDLHX 46 LCD TV (x, Hz, Freeview HD, HDTV). Migration of the Sony KDL-46HX803 BRAVIA HDTV 5 app on selected Sony BRAVIA TVs and Blu-ray Disc Players - 15th January · Add, sort and delete channels with ease: Sony  Missing: HDTV.

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